Career in digital marketing. Here’s how you can start.

Digital Marketing is growing everyday. In fact, people spending time online is increasing, so does the value of digital marketing. The way people buy and sell their needs also changed drastically. People would love to Google it first rather than going to the market physically. Therefore there is no other alternatives that you adopt digital marketing. It is probably, sooner or later. So there will be plenty of careers in this field in coming days. If you are the one looking to accelerate your career in digital marketing. Read on and explore how you can start.

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What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing is not a big fuss. It is similar to the traditional marketing. But you are using digital media in contrast to the other traditional media. Marketing is connecting to the customers. In tradition you may use any means to reach to customers. But now a days more customers are on the internet you use electronic and digital means just to focus more deeply and connect to customers. So in a simple sense digital marketing is the internet marketing or online marketing.

Since the post is all about career in digital marketing I am not spending more time to the introduction.

If you wanna go deep with the intro, read
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Types of career in digital marketing.

There are certainly a variety of digital marketing types. You must have an outline idea of all. But it may not be possible to master everything. So you can deeply focus on two or three types. Since the post is all about how you can start a career in digital marketing, I am not briefly describing each one here. Though I must list out them here so you can focus on any and go deeply further. Here goes the list.

  • SEO Executive or SEO Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Writer or Marketer
  • PPC Expert.

How you can start on digital marketing ?

Those were just a little know how about digital marketing and careers. The actual post is about how to accelerate the digital marketing career. So let us move on to the topic now. Though I am not selling any digital marketing courses. In addition I am just letting you know the basics. In fact, I believe you can only grow your career in digital marketing if you are a die hard self learner.

Step 1: Start with your own social media.

Since the digital marketing is all about reaching your target customers online, it directly starts with your online presence. I mean, it starts with your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media posts. You can simply start posting with marketing intention. Though digital marketing is not limited to social media promotion, you can better start with it. Above all, you always learn digital marketing starting with social media marketing.

Step 2: Learn to use the hashtags.

Once you start with social media marketing, learn to use the hashtags. Believe me learning the proper use of hashtags are way important. Hashtags are useful not only in #Twitter, but also in #Facebook, #Insta and other social media too. Using them properly is also important. Hashtags are like the keywords and used as a search term in a social media. This will also benefit you understanding the keywords. Keywords are important factors for SEO and content marketing.

Step 3: Try out some personal projects.

Once you learn about hashtags that will also give you the idea of keywords. Its better to make some personal projects to try out. However, you can also ask some internship for social media promotion. Make some personal projects and try promoting them on different social media. Also do not forget to check the inside metrics. Inside metrics are the result of your promotions. Digital marketing is not only marketing but also measuring the result. Depending on the result you can further improve your marketing strategy.

Step 4: Go beyond social media marketing.

Digital marketing is not only a Social Media presence, so you need to go beyond that. You need to understand the search engine optimization since this one is the long term digital marketing. Search engine optimization is also a free form of digital marketing. So without any doubt its a major part of digital marketing. So try to understand a bit about it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is nothing but making your page good for search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Search engines use different techniques to find best content over the internet. SEO simply implements those techniques to web pages so that its easier to appear in search results.

I am not going briefly about the search engine definition here. I am just focusing on how to start digital marketing career simply.

You can follow these post to know SEO briefly
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SEO is very deep. You probably do not understand it in a simple steps. You really need to put in a very hard efforts. The SEO terminologies are vast as well. In fact, I believe entire digital marketing evolve around SEO. I will feature later about entire SEO in my blog. That will include almost all aspect of it. Likewise backlinks, keyword research, on page SEO etc.

Step 5: Start following fellow blogs and bloggers.

Digital marketing is the passion. No one ever can teach you to be perfect. And you are never perfect since it is updated regularly. Digital marketing terms and terminologies are updated regularly. You must keep your eyes on whats coming new everyday. So my strong suggestion would be to follow few bloggers. These blogs and bloggers write continuously about digital marketing and SEO. The list of blogs are

  • Digital Deepak
  • Neil Patel
  • Backlinko
  • MOZ blog
  • Search Engine Journal
  • Search Engine Land
  • Shout me loud

This list can go on and on. And also do not forget to follow me as a tech blogger. I also write and follow digital marketing trends. Though I would love to explore internet and technology. So I would rather focus on it. But I consequently learning about digital marketing to help my blog.

What next once you start with digital marketing?

Now you have started on digital marketing with all those 5 steps. After that, what next would be the question. Are all those steps are enough to make career in digital marketing? Probably not. The above steps will only get you started. All you need now is to grow.

People often look for the easy going. But it is not a easy going career. You can not look overnight for the digital marketing career salary. You may start easily but very hard to grow. So many people leave in between. But remember it is all possible. And I would say fairly easy for the hardworking and dedicated people like you.

How to grow in digital marketing career?

Growing your career is important, not starting one. Any one can start with a little know how. Therefore starting is not important but growing is. Keeping intact and improving day by day makes you good in digital marketing career. So here are few points that will help you grow.

Crazy to learn.

Learning is never ending. And if you are in such a fields where technology updates every seconds, you need even more craziness to learn. Learning has to be there all the time. Technology is changing every day and you need to cope of it. If you do not move on with the technology you will be left out. So you certainly keep the pace with the update.

T-Shaped Marketing.

I really like the basic idea of T-shaped marketing. Since I went through it on Moz, loved it even more. It is like having basic skills of different aspects of any discipline and having specialization in one or two aspects. Once you follow the above 5 steps on how to start digital marketing career, you will learn almost all aspect. Out of those focus on any two or three and try to master it. For the reason being that you will grow gradually.

Start your own blog.

Nothing makes you perfect more than your own product. So I prefer starting your own blog. Niche can be anything, if you are not comfortable writing about digital marketing. While you start a blog, you want grow it. And you need digital marketing technique to grow it.

These of my blog may help you.
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Play with the metrics.

Metrics are the key. Learn to play with the metrics. Probably the metrics play the vital role to grow. And you must understand how your each campaign is returning you. What is your CPC, what is you CPA and everything. Your reach to your target customer and their conversion rate. If you really know to play with all this you are good to go with digital marketing. So playing with the metrics is important. While playing with it, you certainly grow even more.

Spy on competitor.

While growing your blog, you can also spy on your competitor. It is certainly a good idea to keep track on your competition. In other words you have to outrank someone else to be at the top. Therefore checking and preparing to stand out from the competitor is also a major part in digital marketing. So always and always closely look on how your competitor doing.

Learn to use some professional tools that will help in digital marketing.

There are enough of professional tools to assist you in digital marketing. likewise SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Buzzsumo etc. These tools will help you to grow further.


Last but not the least, digital marketing is all about your efforts. So you must always be hardworking or you will be left out. So keep on your work and keep updating with the latest trend and technology.

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  1. Hi Suman how are you? Yes! Starting your own blog and applying as a digital marketing on your own property is the wiser way to monetize your own work. And you can be better than trying to be a digital marketer freelancer. Good job for sharing your thoughts to your readers like me. Keep sharing more motivating and informative post.


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