Top Nepali bloggers and the blogs. An ultimate list for 2020.

Last updated on Jan 3, 2020

Top Nepali bloggers list updated for 2020 as I have rechecked all the blogs from my previous list. Also checked the blogs mentioned in the comments section below and made an update. I could not list all of the blogs mentioned in the comment section as they are not relevant. Some are not even having good SSL and some are just not updated regularly. In my sense regularity is something the blogger need to maintain.

I know my only effort may not be enough and perfect to list out all the top Nepali bloggers. So I do hope to get more suggestion in coming days too. I am sure I am missing out some Nepali tech blog, Some food bloggers in Nepal and may be some Nepali story blogs too. I will keep updating the list accordingly.

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Bloggers are creating different atmosphere in the online world.  There are very huge numbers of bloggers growing every day. But to mention in the scenario of Nepali bloggers, very few are there who are actively blogging everyday. Though the numbers are growing rapidly. I have tried to find out some of them to prepare the list of top Nepali bloggers and their blog links.

The bloggers and the blog list here is not targeted for particular category. Furthermore, I believe top blog is one which is updated regularly and loved by lot of readers. And I am also not one to decide top Nepali bloggers. So the list is entirely mine. I just tried to become fair on judging.

Top Nepali Bloggers Featured image

10 Top Nepali bloggers and blog list.

As I have mentioned above, the top blogger and the blog list here is entirely based on my own opinion. I will try to have a look at all the blogs listed here in timely manner and keep updating the list as promised.

My Sansar

My Sansar is still the blog that stands out to be right at the top of the list. I believe Salokya is one of the top Nepali bloggers. My Sansar (Mero Sansar) is being run by Salokya (Umesh Shrestha). It is probably the first of it kinds. Blog runs in Nepali Unicode, and features about the current scenario of Nepali society. This blog also features about the political issues and also the administrative issues.


Probably, the non tech blog in Nepali bloggers list. If any Nepali heard about blog and blogging in Nepal few years , its probably My Sansar and Lex Limbu. Where My Sansar is all about political and social issues Lex limbu features about the Nepali entertainment diaspora. He is surely one of the top Nepali bloggers. Like My Sansar Lex Limbu also has a huge fan base.

Lex Limbu is the UK based Nepali blogger who has recently hit into the news for another reason rather than his blog. He admitted himself as a LGBT transgender. The news spread like his blog as his announcement was on the media. Lex Limbu features Nepali entertainment industry and also the celebrity gossip in Nepal and around the world of Nepalese people.


xNepali is the blog for Nepali celebrities and gossips . While searching for the Nepali fashion bloggers and Nepali entertainment blog, I came to this blog. This blog focuses on the entertainment industry in the country. You are most likely to find out about the Nepali movies, artist and gossip about their life style. Anand Nepal is the bloggers who is doing xNepali. He is the guy who is also popular with his vlog in YouTube with his channel Anand Nepal with the tagline “Anand kaa kura halka farak hunchan.” This also resemble in his blog as well.

Gadget Byte Nepal

Gadget Byte Nepal is a tech blog. The popularity is growing every year ever since it started. This is not only yet another technology blog in Nepali blog diaspora. Most of all the blog in Nepal are in the technology and gadgets. Gadget Byte Nepal is one of them but definitely stands out from the crowd . This blog is popular among tech followers. This blog mostly features about the gadgets and tech happening in the country. You may not disagree if I mention Gadget Byte Nepal as one of the top technology blog in Nepal.

Tech Lekh

Tech Lekh is yet another technology blog in Nepal. The reason I am featuring this blog is its emerging grow up. Since its start up it has immensely grown up. Tech Lekh also has huge reader base in the country. Though this is the new blog in the group of Nepali tech blog. Probably in the time now we may not call it a new blog after having seen its grown up. This blog features about technology happening around Nepal. This blog also features about entrepreneurship, startup and startup culture, crypto currency etc.

Aakar Post

I would love to feature this blog in my blog list. This is the tech blog and this one is in Nepali language. Though while checking this blog recently has no recent update, I am still listing it in the list. I hope this will get an update as it used to be. The reason I am still listing this is the language. This is probably the one tech blog written in Nepali language.

Anil Ghimire AKA Aakar Anil writes about technology happenings and some tutorials in this blog. So I thought despite being not updated recently this must be in my list, Since this is in the Nepali language, one should definitely follow and read it at least for the year 2020 .


ImNepal is the Nepali lifestyle blog. The blog is updated in a regular interval. Most of the blogs and even some top Nepali bloggers are focusing more on the technology, this lifestyle blog stands out from these kind of crowds. This blog claims to have 800K monthly page views. ( In their advertising section). Even while checking by myself, It has decent views So I am featuring it on my list. If it is not a top blog, it surely deserves the place in one of the top Nepali bloggers and blogs to follow in coming years.

Nepali Trends

Another blog that I am featuring as one of top Nepali bloggers is Nepali Trends. As their authors describe, it is a random blog with the tag line “trending and organic stories”. I really like the blog concept and featuring it is in the list. The blog is all about the trending in Nepal. You can find the recent trending in the country. It is surely one of the Blogs to follow in the coming year. You can check whats trending through this blog. The blog is founded and running by two IT enthusiastic Bikash Rai and Sudeep Katuwal.

Tech Sathi

I have been looking around the comment sections of this post and regularly updating the list. While going through it, I have found Tech Sathi (mentioned in the comment below) quite promising, so added this one in my list of Nepali Bloggers and Blogs. Even still I have only this blog to list in the top Nepali bloggers. Tech Sathi is specially intended for the tech lovers and tech enthusiastic people in Nepal. You can check it out for the latest happenings in tech in Nepal.

Sangam’s Blog

This is what I have added newly in the list. This guy Sangam Shrestha is awesome and I like the way he blogs about. While all other blogs are about either technology or in the Nepali entertainment section, it is all about how to guides. This blog shares some useful tips and tricks that you may need in your daily tech operation. It is worth visiting in the coming year. I think he is growing as one of top Nepali bloggers.

Before the final wrap up words I would like you to visit my other posts as well.

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Some other top Nepali bloggers.

Probably, not enough of top Nepali bloggers list. I have listed few blogs in my top 10 list above. That does not mean those are only the top bloggers and the blogs. I may have missed some of other popular blogs. And some other Nepali sites are serving better than the above blogs. If you find any Nepali blogs that is useful, I would rather request you to mention them in the comment down below. So that I can update the list of top Nepali bloggers.

Beside the list above, There are few other blogs and the bloggers who are significantly making the differences. Few of them also mentioned in the comment section below and I could not list them right at the top of my list. The reason for that may vary. Like I have checked everything including site design, speed, regularity, SSL etc. Those blogs and bloggers are listed below. I still strongly urge you to comment down below if I have missed any.

Please do comment down below if you think I have missed any blog that could be in the top Nepali bloggers list.

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