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Top 25 Blogging Ideas for Beginners to Start Blogging With Ease.

Blogging is rapidly growing in the current scenario of internet marketing. People not just looking blogging ideas to grow but also blogging their business marketing. So, blogging is not just for the monetization. It is also for the business to market through content. And that content is blogging.

But I still find a lot people stuck on the primary question what do they blog about?

For the businesses and the brands, it maybe easy. While the business and brands will stick on their product and target audience. And they frequently blog regarding that.

But for the individuals who are looking to grow their blog and monetize still seems like a million-dollar question. They perhaps stuck and puzzle about what do they start blogging.

They maybe crawling the web to find out the blogging ideas. And they may ask others who are already blogging. But still puzzle and stuck. Since everyone has a different story. Listening or reading more of them will only confuse you.

So, keeping that in mind I am trying to present some of top 25 blogging ideas and topics. I am sure these topics will remain popular in the future while already popular in the past.

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List of the blogging ideas.

1. How To Guide

How to guide is the popular topics now a days. Internet has grown so rapidly that every time when people stuck somewhere they Google it. Yep the instruction manuals are the old fashioned. Perhaps, how to guides are the new way of the instruction manual. If you can help out with your how to guide, its obvious that your blog will grow eventually.

2. Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is another topic that can grow eventually if you can help people out. It is so essential for each and every one. Either you are an individual or business organization, you need to rely on the internet for so many things. So if you can create a blog on Internet marketing and create a value you can grow on it.

3. Travel

People travels a lot. No matter what is happening, travel is always a popular topic for the bloggers. Travel topics will always remain high volume on the Google searches. As a blogger, if you can tell people how can one travel effectively that even in a cheapest price, your blog will grow eventually.

4. Troubleshooting Guides

People will always search their problems to rectify online. They try to troubleshoot their problem themselves. And the Google is their first choice. So troubleshooting guides can create real value to the users. Specially when people are trying to solve minor to major problem online. If you create a blog for troubleshooting guides and can grow it. You really need to create a value to it. When your troubleshooting guides will create a value, people will love it. And it grows popular.

5. Funny Stories

Fun is the most important part of every ones life. People will love to read, watch and interact with the funny elements. So I believe funny stories, quote and etc might be a popular choice for the blogging. Funny stories are well shared over the social media platforms. The posts that make people laugh is always popular over there. Bored Panda and Click Hole are the great example of how funny stories grow on the internet.

6. Celebrity Blog

People are always looking after to be inspired by their favorite TV star, movie star, sports person etc. They are celebrity and people will follow them. So if you can write a blog about their life style, professional behavior, success stories in a good manner people will love it. There are chances that even a single topic on certain celebrity may go viral.

7. Product Review and Specification

Product review and specification details page are drawing traffic now a days. Specially the new devices and gadgets get the lot of traffic and become the good source of revenue for blogger. You can also collect revenue by placing the affiliate links from the certain product selling page. You can get these affiliates from the popular shopping sites such as Amazon.

8. Parenting Tips

Parenting tips is yet another one of the amazing blogging ideas. There are lot of people who are looking for the great parenting tips online. If you can create value by providing such parenting tips, your blog may get lots of traffic daily. And your blog will eventually grow and rank higher on Google and other search engines.

9. Financial Solutions

Finance is the another major parts of peoples life. Also the organizations seek various financial solutions. Its obvious when people stuck on something, they search it online for the solution. And lot of people search about the financial solution online. Be it personal such as bank loan, credit card. Or be it the corporate solution such as book keeping, account managing idea, account software etc. So if any blog can help on those topics that can grow and can give the good source of income online.

10. History

History might be mystery for many people. And it is also essential for many people for different reason. So they continuously search for history related topics. If you can provide good value regarding the history, you can grow your blog easily. With the history related post you can constantly engage the people and get good amount of traffic.

11. Events

Writing about past and upcoming events is also another great idea of blogging. People will always follow the events that are happening around their corner. Some goes viral and some stays normal. But both the events are well searched online. Maybe the viral events tends to be searched by more people. If you create blog providing in depth details about the events that are occurring can grow and gets you a lots of traffic. So events topic are always good to write a blog about.

12. Recipes

People love eating and so love the food as well. Recipes is all about preparing the foods in a delicious way. Different people love to try different food from the different places and different countries. And most of them search online for such kind of recipe. So if one can create blog on different recipe and grow it eventually, it will be one of the great blogging ideas.

13. Frequently Asked Question

You can also create a blog on FAQ. FAQ is the frequently asked question that people often ask related to the different topics. Frequently asked questions tends to solve peoples queries fast and accurate. If you can adjust FAQ on many different topics, your blog will surely gets a lot of traffic attracting more and more people. So this is also a great blogging idea.

14. Sports

Sports probably is the most loved topic over the internet and even in the other media. So creating blog over sports gets you the more traffic. You can feature any sports or multi sports. People are always following the sports activities world wide. So if your blog provides good content on the topics of sports it will attract decent amount of traffic and grow eventually.

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15. Politics

Politics is always a hot topic. And it always has an impact on peoples daily life. So create blog on politics and grow it. It is the all time hot topic and constantly get you the traffic. While you blog about politics and current affair, you need to be specific though.

16. Interviews

People love reading others thought. So interviewing people and posting their thought is the good idea of blogging. If you can take a good interview and post on your blog regularly, you can grow to get lot of traffic.

17. GIF and Memes

Another hot and popular topic for the bloggers. GIF and Memes are gaining a lot more search terms on search engine and social media. So writing a perfect blog depending on GIF and Memes can be a good idea. It can grow gradually and help you get lot of traffic. It maybe the one of the great blogging ideas.

18. Health and Fitness

People are conscious about their health and fitness and they regularly follow topics related to it. Like how to loose weight, how to become healthy etc. So if you can create a value writing about health related blog, your blog can grow gradually and can get you a lot of traffic. So health and fitness related blog is also a good idea of blogging.

19. Relationship

Relationship is also one of the major blogging ideas. People fall in relationship, they might have lot of problem. Maybe they want to blossom with love. There might be different fact that people wants to learn about relationship. So if you can add value to the relationship with your blog, it can grow gradually and gets you more and more traffic.

20. Video and Mobile Games

Digital games are most popular now a days. Specially in the kids mobile games are more popular. Yo can write about the games, hacks and also about the games tutorial. People are always looking for a such topics. So if you can write a good games hack, tutorial and more, your blog will grow gradually.

21. Movies

Movies are good source of entertainment. The craze is growing each and everyday for movies. So if you can write a blog about movies and its dimension then it can gain popularity. Movie reviews, critics and sometime shooting reports and behind the scene is the topic you can opt out for.

22. Education

Education is yet another most important among the other blogging ideas. No one can stay away from the education. People will always need assistance and know how in the education field. So if any blog can give the perfect know how about the education then this blog will surely grow to some extent and gets the good amount of traffic. So education is the great idea of blogging.

23. Beauty

Beauty is the integral part of life. Specially for the female version. If you can create a blog writing about beauty topics, its gonna catch up the glimpse of more female audiences. Along with them even the male audience will check into it as they might follow the beauty blog to impress their female counterpart. So beauty blog with the perfect write up is the great blogging idea.

24. Fashion and life style

Who can stay away from the fashion and life style. People are always following the latest fashion trends, life style trends and also follows the past and upcoming life style trends. If you create a blog focusing on the fashion and life style it can grow gradually. And you can also monetize fashion products with the affiliate links from different e-commerce center such as Amazon.

25. Gift Ideas

Giving gift is the compulsory phenomenon and you can not deny it. Most of the time People wonders about the gift ideas. As gift to your sister is different than a gift that you wanna give to your friends. So people are always checking about the gift ideas online. Sometime some gift coupon suggestion might also do the trick. So if you write a good value blog about the gift giving idea, chances are there to get your blog growing. You can later monetize it even with the affiliate links from gift coupon marketplace.


Blogging is an art. You need to focus rapidly and deliberately. If you can concentrate what you are doing in blogging and can create a value for your readers or users, you can grow gradually. But always remember that blogging is not an easy to get rich scam. You really, really have to put an extra effort to get success. In every field, hard work is all bout to get you there at the top.

Beside all those blogging ideas above, you need to find out the long tail keywords that are easy to rank and write a blog post. If you write a blog post with long tail keywords you will rank higher faster. There are other terms as well for the blogging tips and tricks which I will write in the near future. Keep following my blog. Or keep in touch through my contact page and also through the comments down below.

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