Ultimate Step by step guide to watch YouTube on Dish Home Nepal

Dish Home Nepal is one of the popular digital television in Nepal. Here in this tutorial, I am describing on how to watch YouTube on Dish Home Nepal.

Digital television has been revolution to the world. Nepal has also been affected by this trend. Starting from the cable television, trend has now come to the IP TV. Dish Home Nepal is the digital television service provider in the country. And most of the digital television are providing facilities to watch YouTube also in their services. However, primary purpose is SD, HD channel. You can directly watch YouTube from Dish Home set top box.

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Step by step guide to watch YouTube on Dish Home Nepal

To watch YouTube, you need to have the internet connection. You can connect internet to Dish Home Nepal HD set top box using Ethernet cable. You can also connect using WiFi. But the steps below are for using the Ethernet cable.

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Step 1:

Dish Home Set Top Box
Dish Home Set Top Box Back side where you can see the Ethernet Port

Connect the Ethernet cable to the Dish Home set top box

Ethernet Cable
Ethernet Cable: Insert one end to internet router and another end to Dish Home Set Top Box Ethernet port

Step 2:

Once you connect the Ethernet cable to router and the Dish Home Set Top Box. Now get the Dish Home remote control and press the MENU button there.

Dish home Nepal remote
Press the MENU button on the remote

Step 3:

After pressing the MENU button on the remote, you will see the below screen. Move to System Setup and press OK ( You can move up and down using Channel up down button. And right, left using Volume up and down button)

System Setup Screen
Choose System Setup and press ok

Step 4:

After Pressing System Setup you will see the below screen. Choose Network Setting and press OK.

Network setting home screen
Choose Network Setting and press OK

Step 5:

Initially Network Setting is disable.  You will see “All Network Interfaces are disable”. Press Volume up or down key to enable the Network Interface.

Dish Home Network Setting Disable
You See “All Network Interfaces are disable” Press Volume up or down Key you will see the below screen

Step 6:

When you press Volume up or down key you will see the Ethernet connection ( See the below image). Go back to main menu screen. Press MENU button twice on the remote.

Dish Home Ethernet Connected
Now Internet is connected to your Dish Home Set Top Box. Press MENU button twice to return to Main Menu Screen.

Step 7:

On the Main Menu choose the Applications and Press OK.

Screen Application
Choose Application and press OK

Step 8:

After pressing Applications you will see the below screens. Choose YouTube and press OK.

Screen YouTube.
Press YouTube and you will be taken to the YouTube Home page

That’s it. Finally, you are on the YouTube Home page.

Dish Home YouTube Screen
Follow the on screen instruction to search and find the videos you like.

Finally, the conclusion:

Now you can search your desired videos and watch it on your television screen. In addition to search videos you need to use the alphabetic keys on your remote control. Though this seems bit fuzzy. Though this tutorial clearly explain step wise guide, this is for the old version of set top box. However, with the help of the new set top box, you may be able to watch YouTube with ease. If any problem exist, please contact your customer service desk at Dish Home Nepal.

36 thoughts on “Ultimate Step by step guide to watch YouTube on Dish Home Nepal”

  1. Youtube vedio wont open it saya resol. not supported.
    I changed the resolution in tv system but still it wont open

  2. After i connect ethernet PORT it shows
    Enabled.waiting for IP ADDRESS..
    Esto dekhaocha please help me !!!k bhaneko yo esko solution

  3. I have done exactly and watched youtube successfully. But every now and then after turned off and on later, the network keeps switching and waiting for IP address when i use wired connection. THe same wire when i connect to a laptop, internet works on it fine but when i plus same wire to dish home, keeps switching IP to get an ip and never gets. And forget about it for comple of days and then it starts working again. Dont know the problem. In TCP/IP tried turning DHCP off and giving static ip and gateway, still cant use internet. Keeps switching IP. Any more settings?

  4. shailendra panday

    i have basic delux set up box, not hd set up box of dish home nepal. There is not showing network setting option. what is the process to connect. Please provide the solution

    1. Sorry but you need to hav HD set top box. They may not be providing YouTube services on normal digital set top box. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. Ehh, in the selection of ethernet select WiFi and put WiFi SSID and password. You are connected. But for this you need the latest set top box of Dish Home Nepal

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