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Popular unblocked music sites to listen music at school.

Music is the passion and music is also the medicine. Hardly there are people who do not like to listen to music at all. While going to the internet there are plenty of sites to listen to music with ease. But there might have lot of limitations as well. There are also few which are completely unblocked music sites to listen to music. These unblocked music sites are handy to listen to music at school as school is the area where restrictions apply. But with the use of these music sites, you can easily listen to your favorite music even at school.

List of Best Unblocked Music Sites.

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Google Play Music

Google Play music is the popular music site or app. This is the site from Google itself and has a huge number of music to play. With the service you can also use it for your local music play. Up to 50K musics can be uploaded to a standard Google account for free and listen online whenever you want to. But the Google Play accounts are available to the certain countries. That means only in the certain countries you can upload your library to Play Music to listen online. You can check Google Play available countries here. The best part is that Google Play is also available by default on your Android device. Many people do not take is unblocked music sites as they think its a Google site and surely has restriction. But truth is that, you can listen to the music at school with Google Play Music.


LiveXLive is the popular free music sites on the internet. Previously it was “SLACKER” having handy features for the online music lovers. It has premium paid service though the free version is well enough. This site also offers some free internet radio service as well. This free unblocked music site also offers some internet radio service. And you can also access some live events. It is more popular for the live events and the live music. This site is the best alternative to Google Play Music as you do not need any sign up and login to listen to music online. So, you can enjoy your music anywhere anytime like in the school.

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TuneIn is yet another and one of the best unblocked music sites. It provides the best music from the internet. You can also find the live sports details for NFL, NBA and NHL. TuneIn is also there on Google Home, Alexa like portable devices. So, TuneIn is another best music sites to listen music at school. This is best to use at school as it also does not require to login just to listen musics. In the same way you can listen to local FM stations, Live sports etc. Another best part is that you can search for other music while listening to one music or any events online.


Grooveshark is another best unblocked music sites to listen at school. It is the best among the best. I also use it whenever I need any free music site to listen to music online. Mostly while doing the image work that do not need extra concentration. This has the simple interface and you can explore the top track as well. Simply visit the site and there you can search and explore the top tracks. Click the track and easily add it to your playlist. I hope this does not get any restriction in future.


Jamendo is the royalty free music site. You can stream music online and also can download the music for later commercial use. This site is most beneficial for the commercial people as well since it provides royalty free musics even for the commercial use. You not only find the music track but also old and popular songs to listen. It can be good option if you are looking some free music for school. Search and find royalty free music for your school and download it for whatever use.

Playlist Sound

You can simply connect to the Playlist Sound and listen to your favorite music and songs wherever you want. This is the good choice to listen to music at school. You can also opt in for the pro version to do more. Specially the free version has the ads where you can get the pro version and eliminate those ads. With the Playlist sound free version, you can search for artists, albums and individual tracks.

BlueBeat Music

BlueBeat is the perfect music streaming site for the students. This is the premium music site and you need to pay few bucks to listen to music. No any blocking at the school. It all starts with the $5 per month subscription fee. However, students can avail the subscription at only $3. And you can get first month at absolutely free of charge while paying through credit card payment. Millions of songs to listen to, creating your own playlist, and everything without any distracting ads. With all the above reason, BlueBeat is the perfect site to listen music at school.


Saavn is the one of the top Indian music sites. Once you visit the site you start listening for free. This music site is now backed up by Jio, one of the top mobile service company in India. The site has more than 45 million songs. It not only has the Indian songs but also English songs. If you are in India and its region you have the option for few Indian regional songs as well. After backing up by the Jio it is now called JioSaavn.

Try More Unblocked Music Sites to Listen at School.

  • Soundzabound
  • Hungama
  • Deezer
  • Mixcloud
  • 8Tracks

Other Music Streaming Sites.

  • Amazon Music
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • XBox Music

These are the popular music streaming sites. Many of them are available unblocked to listen to music at school. There might be other free music websites as well. And if you notice any more list of these kind, please write in the comment box below. I will try to update this list in a frequent manner so that you can enjoy free music at school.

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