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My name is Jagannath Gaudel, but I am better known as Suman Gaudel. That means I am carrying the passport with the name Jagannath Gaudel.

I may use the biggie lines to describe myself at times but I am the simplest guy on the planet. I am like; think simple and think positive. I am the happy go lucky type and suggest everyone the same. My simple formula is to always be happy and everything will be fine. 

Suman Gaudel Self Image

The early days:

I was born and raised in Nepal. Growing up in a middle class family in Butwal, western part of the country. Being in a middle class family you have a lot of limitations. Though, I believe I could take everything that life offers. However, I consider myself a bit lucky as things happened to me. No matter how fortunate I am, one biggest misfortune happened in my life and I lost my father quite earlier than expected. But life had to move on and I needed to carry on the legacy of my father. 

The family life:

My family has always been inspirational to me. Their love and affection are the key to what I am today. As I already lost my father, I live with my mother. A married man, having two child one son and one daughter. Along with my mother, wife and children, I have one younger brother and two younger sisters. Brother is yet to get married, my life is moving all around them and their family too.

Suman Gaudel Family pic during Dashain
Whole family pic during the Dashain festival.

Professional career:

My professional career has a lot of highs and downs. My intention was always into computers and technology. But as a management student, I had done a bit more of an accounting job as well. In the early stage of my career I did almost everything that earns me money with honors. Self dependency in terms of money was like a habit since I used to benefit financially from an early age. I was good at studies so, no tuition fees in schools. I used to take part in debates, quiz contests like programs which also earned my pocket money. Football was popular in our days and since the age of 14 I was a part of a few popular clubs which used to play regular competition in junior and senior level. These clubs regularly provided my pocket money. 

Consistently, I worked for a private boarding school as an Account Officer cum Computer Science Teacher. I had a long 10 years of career with that school. I was good at math as well, so I taught math and computer science. It happened at some other schools and colleges as a part timer as well. Being “Suman Sir” really added value to my life and career. I still feel proud that I was a teacher at some point. With the consistent job at school, I took a bit of time for my computer training. Moreover the training I am a self learned professional and I worked for some of the companies such as Cloud Factory and Esewa. It was like working at school during the day and working as a web developer at night. Sleeping was really horrible and tough then. 


I was always enthusiastic about how technology evolved. I was like a dot com guy spending most of the time on the internet. The Internet then was expensive though. I could somehow manage time to visit cyber cafes to surf. Later, I managed to get an internet connection at my house. It was a dial-up connection. You can imagine how struggling those days are for the internet.  I learnt web design. Joined a couple of local companies.  Dreamweaver and Frontpage I guess were the tools that were mostly used before. 

In 2014, I learned about WordPress through the very first Wordcamp in Nepal. It was good learning. I then moved on to WordPress, learned CSS and PHP to play with the design and functionalities. I developed 200 plus websites personally as a freelancer and working with different web development companies. Still doing WordPress but very choosy with the project. Having done more than 200 plus websites, I realized quality matters more than quantity. That does not mean my works were not qualitative. Almost all of my projects were on Avada and Newspaper themes which are top trending themes on ThemeForest. I hardly coded from scratch except modifying a few lines of PHP and CSS. However, I did a few simple sites using _S (UNDERSCORES) starter theme. I currently use WP ASTRA-fastest, light weight and highly customizable WordPress theme. I am still in love with WordPress.


I am in love with Google. The way it helps the community, the way it provides solutions to the businesses, everything is awesome at Google. The best part is that most of the community services are free. Some of the starter business tools are free too. I started contributing to the community through Google Maps. Later I was involved in other different projects at Google and I still do. I am happy and proud that I am a part of Google services. 

Journey to the entrepreneurship:

After working for almost 10 plus years, I realized doing 10 to 5 jobs is what is making me stucked. I was always dynamic and wanted a fast paced life. So, I left my school job for 10 to 5 and moved on to open a computer shop called “Digi Sell” . It was my first venture as an entrepreneur. As I already said, I am not meant to stay in a place, it was my brother who did a whole day job selling computers and their peripherals, dealing with customers etc. I was just doing product management tasks. Later my brother flew to Japan for his further education and I could not stand the whole day in a shop. I had to shut down and I did. 

Flying to Qatar:

I had reached almost 70 out of 77 districts of Nepal but never had been to any other country than India. India being our neighboring country and no visa requirements, we usually go there. With the similarities in culture, our relatives are there and I have been to many parts of India as well. Going abroad is a popular phenomenon in our country. My own brother went to Japan. Many of my friends were abroad. So, why not me if I get a good job and money. In the beginning of 2016, I went to Qatar. I worked in Almana Group, one of the prominent business groups in Qatar. But I was in love with Nepal, especially the food and cultures. So, I returned back to Nepal just after spending a year in Qatar. 

About this blog (Happy To Help Blogger):

While working as a WordPress developer, I had to take a lot of help from the internet. And I still rely a lot on the internet. I thought why not create some helpful content and started this blog. I write helpful content such as “How to use Google Sheet subtract formula”, “How to recover deleted Instagram messages” “How to start a blog” and so on. Though I started this blog back in 2017, I have continued it seriously since 2021. Couple of tutorials are ranking on Google and I am starting to make a few bucks as passive income. 

Opal education – NIEC Butwal center:

My brother returned from Japan and started an educational consultancy. I was busy with IT stuff. While working with WordPress, I had experience dealing with clients in the USA and Canada. My brother started asking for help dealing with foreign universities and its delegates. I used to write and respond to emails and prepare a company profile presentation. Later when they caught up with NIEC (Nepal International Education Consultancy), I had to get involved more there. Specially Sanjay sir pulled me into this business and till now we are doing almost as a best educational consultancy in Butwal.


While working in Qatar, I met people from qatarliving.com. I went to visit their office and was kindly influenced by them. They were doing a great job and making a good amount of money. I thought of a similar concept in Nepal and discussed it with my close friend circle. They agreed and we created Nepsify- a classified marketplace in Nepal with the ambition to grow big. But it is not in the position where it should be. Maybe the reason being financial issues. Maybe I could not lead it prominently. Whatever the reasons, the big dream is still on. Bit of investment needed to emphasize products and marketing. We will rise surely as the journey is still moving on. 


My biography would not be complete without music in it. I enjoy music, in fact who does not. I preferably listen to soft music, though romantic and some catchy lyrics too are my favorites. And not surprisingly, we had a musical band. I used to play guitar and had some backup vocals too. 

Football, Cricket and Badminton:

I was a good football player during my early days at under 19 level and so on. I played for some reputed football club locally. Later, I happened to meet Shakti Sir (Shakti Gauchan) and started playing Cricket. Though I could not wear a national jersey in both games despite having high chances. I now play Badminton. Once a sportsman is always a sportsman. Maybe the reason, I am an average Badminton player. Though playing badminton is just for fitness, it has been a habit. I do follow regular international football and cricket matches at club level and country level. World Cup matches are like festivals for me. 


I call friends crazy people. They bring you down. They lift you up. In fact, these crazy people live your life in their perspective. These friends really add value to my life and also to my career. They are the reason behind the happy go lucky type Suman Gaudel.

Life and thinking:

My heart pumps the “O” positive blood in my body and my brain has its effect. I believe, no matter how bad times you have, good times are always waiting for you. I am the firm believer of #Osho ethics. Most noteworthy, I do follow TEDx talks as they are a great source of inspiration and knowledge for life. Above all, I drive my life with the line “Never think of life, just live life”.

Cheers !!

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