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My name is Jagannath Gaudel, but I am better known as Suman Gaudel. That means I am carrying the passport with the name Jagannath Gaudel. Consequently, I may use the biggie lines to describe myself at times but I am the simplest guy on the planet. Maybe I am also simplifying the complex people other than me.

Born and raised in the beautiful Himalayan country Nepal. I am permanently residing at Butwal, western part of the country. I am a graduate in management and accountancy. So I had spent almost a decade in the field. So I can play with debit and credit sometimes, if not doing anything at dot com flavor.

About the blog

This is the technology blog where I mostly write how to guides around internet technology. As a Happy To Help Blogger, I love to help people creating helping contents. However, this blog is hovering around internet technology, 25% of the contents may include my personal preferences too.


All started as a high school teacher. Sometimes I still believe being Suman sir adds more charm to my life and happenings. Moved on to the account, procurement and financial adviser. And all were to somehow utilize my college degree. But these all were just the process of making myself a dot com guy. I always admire the technology and the innovation. Probably, I always wanted to be doing what I love. I love the power of WordPress, Google and the Technology. So as of now, I am feeding my life as an entrepreneur with my laptops and internet . Now Suman Gaudel is pushing hard as

A Google contributor
A Happy To help Blogger
& Co-Founder at Nepsify.

Wanna read
briefly about my works ? Click this link here.


Lovely son for my late father, a heart piece for my mother. A caring brother for my siblings. Rise and shine for my son and daughter. Handsome hubby for my wife and loving heart for my loved ones.


I call friends the crazy people. They bring you down. They lift you up. In fact, these crazy people live your life in their perspective. These friends, really add value to my life and also to my career. They are the reason behind happy go lucky type Suman Gaudel.


I am a diehard #cricket fan. I do enjoy football, but the cricket has to be in priority. Being a state level player, sport has taught me the team spirit, discipline and never to give up attitude. While not in the sporty events, music is what heals my body and soul.

Life and thinking

My heart pumps the “O” positive blood in my body and my brain has its effect. I believe, no matter, how bad times you have, good times are always waiting for you. I am the firm believer of #Osho ethics. Most noteworthy, I do follow TEDx talks as they are the great source of inspiration and knowledge for the life. Above all, I drive my life with the line “Never think the life, just live the life”.
Cheers !!

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