Digital Marketing Definition: Step Wise Know How & Learning Process.

What is digital marketing? There might be plenty of answers. Understanding all is pretty hard. So I am writing here simple digital marketing definition. In the step wise know how, you can find the meaning, mediums and scopes. Though the write ups mostly focuses on online or inbound marketing. Because this is the future of marketing.

Digital marketing definition

Digital marketing is the marketing through digital channels. Such as Radio, Television and other online media. Yes, Radio, Television or any digital hoarding display is also the digital marketing. Further digital marketing can be classified into two categories.

  1. Outbound marketing or Offline marketing
  2. Inbound marketing or Online marketing

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Outbound marketing or Offline marketing

Advertising on the digital media such as Radio, Television is outbound or offline digital marketing. Offline digital marketing is any kind of marketing that target electronics media. You may wonder, how an offline advertising can be a digital.

I will cover out that too

All the electronics medium like Radio, Television, Telephone etc are also called a digital mediums. When you use it all to reach your potential customer, its surely a marketing. And these are the digital means. So, while using these digital means to market, why cant we call it digital marketing?

Simple, yes we can and we do. Lets get little deeper.

Radio marketing:

Do you believe the fact people still listen the radio station? Quite surprising but the fact is fact. You can not deny this. Podcast is the perfect example that people still love to listen. And Of course, for the local business, local radio stations might turns tricky. So, you can not completely skip radio marketing.

Television marketing:

There was a time, when television was everything. Like now YouTube is everything for the video content. I personally consider the television promotion is not good enough. This is pretty expensive and not well targeted. Considering the return on investment also it is not wise enough to spend large amount on T.V. advertise. But there is still little scope if you can space on some live events. Be it some cricket match, football match or any other sporting events.

Tele marketing or Phone marketing:

Tele marketing is the form of marketing where you reach to your customer through telephone medium. Use text message or phone call. But I believe, phone call is such an irritating. If you call some one again and again for the same matters, the reputation tends to fall off. Text message probably is handy to announce some special offers though.

Summing up offline or outbound marketing

Though all these above marketing means and methods sounds tricky, those are quite old. All the methods are called outbound since these are targeted in mass audiences.

Inbound or Online marketing

The whole form of inbound marketing or online marketing may varies depending on the businesses. But when I talk about its all about data and the science. Its not about only Facebook, Instagram or Twitter advertising. Though these social media has huge impact. I can remember the incident of United airlines. Someone posted a video about a passenger dragged out of the air craft. And very next day suddenly the stock price has fallen down. With the example I am trying to say only Social media advertising is not the online marketing. Its beyond that.

Digital marketing definition will not be complete without these 7 categories.

  1. Social Media Marketing
  2. Search Engine Marketing
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lets get into them in a little brief.

      1. Social Media Marketing:

Social media now a days has a big influence in peoples life. So marketing on Social Media has the huge impact. Social media marketing is the promotion of your product or service through the means of Social Media.

In a simple sense, Social media marketing is the process to get the traffic using different kind of social media. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Quora etc. And sometime paying them to get traffic. This marketing is very much inbound. You can target the perfect customer depending on the location and interest.

      2. Search Engine Marketing:

Search engine marketing is the paid advertisement on search engines. Online marketing has grown. In a previous time both organic search and paid search used to call a search engine marketing. But now time has changed. Now,organic search traffic is not the search engine marketing. So only the paid search engine traffic is the search engine marketing. You certainly pay a sum of amount to search engine to display your website at the top.

      3. Content Marketing:

Digital marketing definition will not complete with out content marketing. In fact, content marketing is the synonyms. Content marketing is the process of creating valuable contents. That could be anything video, images and text. When you create a unique content in a regular basis, it drives a lot of traffic. There are lot of business sites doing good with the content marketing. Content marketing is not only limited to the text only. It is also a video, image or info graph.

      4. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is yet another form of digital marketing. Today most of the internet companies rely on affiliate marketing. Its a performance based marketing. Where the businesses rewards each people or other businesses for bringing the customers. Its like a business paying commission for bringing the true customer who actually buys.

      5. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the form of marketing where businesses reach to their customers via email. Digital marketing definition will not complete without email marketing. Its still the most reliable marketing source. Businesses send email in a regular basis to its customers about the products and services they offer. Timely offers, discounts etc also gets delivered through such kind of email marketing. Newsletter sign up is the great example of email marketing.

      6. Pay Per Click Advertising:

Pey per click is the advertising process, where you pay the advertiser when anyone makes a click into your link. Eventually its buying visit to your website. This model is also called CPC or cost per click. Since each visit cost as per the click of advertisement. Most of the Google advertisements are PPC model. And also CPM model. CPM is the cost per impression. When your ads are delivered into different channel and has shown 1000 times and you pay according to that is called CPM. It is also a part of PPC.

      7. Search Engine Optimization:

Search engine optimization is the one which is the backbone of digital marketing. Digital Marketing definition may cover a lot more aspect and other terms but with out SEO (search engine optimization) all is useless. If you do all above stuff to be successful to create digital marketing strategy. And yet fail to do search engine optimization, you are probably no where in creating perfect digital marketing for your business.

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Search engine optimization is the process of ranking your business right at the top of any search page. And all you do it without paying a penny of dollars. All you do with your content and on page SEO. I believe if you can create a good content in a regular basis and that content must create value. If that does not create a value, people are not going to spend time on it. The Google do count the bouncing rate as well. If people are leaving your site immediately after they are in, that means they do not find your content relevant. And Google is always committed to provide its user what they wants. So creating good content that is equally good for search engine and equally good for people in a regular basis can be a good SEO.

The Learning Process

How can you learn the digital marketing ? Its always a tough question. And I believe going to university to learn the digital marketing is not going to help you. Its a process that you learn everyday. Search engine optimization is the everyday learning process. University will only teach you the general aspects. Maybe some practice but that seems never enough. You still have to go through yourself. Since the scope is very high, learning process needs a lot of hard works.

Always the number one source for learning anything is YouTube. Even for the digital marketing definition you can find lot of resources there on YouTube. So digital marketing is the self learning process. You need to be always keen to learn new things. Though there are few sites which clinically provide the best understanding about digital marketing definition. And also give you the inside secret to learn digital marketing.

  1. The course from the Digital Marketer
  2. What Neil Patel says

Finally, before wrap up, I might also tell you that, there are plenty of paid courses from Udemy, Linked in Learning and even in the other paid courses provider. But I strongly suggest you to go for a free resources like YouTube, Google etc. Its you who do the hard work at the end. And you can do, Free courses might be perfect and enough. You have anything in mind drop your comments below. Or you can also go to my contact page and drop me your feedback.

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