7 Proven Ways For Free YouTube Video Promotion To Get More Views.

YouTube has been an awesome platform throughout the world. Everyone wants their video to promote up and get more views. But do you know how to get free YouTube video promotion to get more people watching it ?

The video sharing platform has billions of users. Reaching them seems to be easier. Just upload the video with your favorite titles and you are done. But it is not that easy as you think. Nothing sucks more than you having a great videos and nobody seems to watching it.

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Here, in this article I am not going to say “share your videos to social media” to get more views. This is something that everybody tells you. And you must have heard more than hundred times. Instead, I am  going to tell you the legitimate process to promote and get more views on your YouTube videos free. And trust me, that will help.

List Of 7 Proven Ways For Free YouTube Video Promotion:

Please note, the list will not automatically increase your video views. Instead, if you implement this technique on  your videos, that will help to rank it at the top. And mostly, the ranked videos will  get more views.

1. Get Audience Engagement (Comment & Share):

YouTube always promotes the videos with the higher audience engagement. Audience engagement is the activities on your videos by users. That can be any thing like comment and share. Always try to post a video content that people will leave comment on your videos. YouTube algorithm is meant to track your users activities. If your videos are getting more comment and more people are sharing it, YouTube is likely to promote your videos more often.

You can use the below simple hacks and tricks so that users are likely to leave a comment or likely to share your videos.

Try to ask multiple choice question at the end of the video and encourage them to leave the answer in the comment section. And always remember to reply each and every single comment that you get. This ensures that you love people’s interaction and people likely to leave more comments furthermore.

2. Increase Session Time (Create Playlists):

Session time is yet another factor that will help to increase your video views. This actually tells YouTube that how long people are staying and watching your videos. If people are loving your videos, they are likely to watch it till the end. If they are not, they will go and watch another video indeed.

The best way to improve session time is to create playlists.

So create playlist of your videos. Add four to five videos on it and add those playlist on your channel page.

Make sure while creating playlist try to put the compelling title. Having the compelling title will boost the chances to get more clicks. So instead of using “Makeup Kits” use “Easy To Use Makeup Kits”. The second title seems more compelling.

How to create YouTube playlist ? Step by step guide

3. Optimize Video Title:

Video title is always important for free YouTube video promotion to get more views. So before giving a title for your video, think multiple times. You can also do the keyword research and include that in your video title. YouTube also looks at the RAW file to determine about your videos. So, if you are familiar with the RAW file information, Try to put your title there as well.

You can simply type on YouTube and take the auto suggestions as the keywords idea.

Its a simple steps. Just right click in the RAW video file and click on “Get Info”, add tags related to your keywords.

Or Right click in the video file, click on properties. Click on details as shown in the below image.

Free YouTube video promotion- Video properties image

After that add compelling title and tags as shown in the below image.

Free YouTube video promotion -Add tag image

That will  tell YouTube about your video even  when it looks into your RAW video file.

4. Optimize Video Description:

The foremost thing in the video description is not to repeat same description in your all videos. I have seen many channels use the same or identical video descriptions. You should always bear in mind that your each and every video is different and it should have the different description too.

Video description is the top most factor for free YouTube video promotion to get more views. So, always write the compelling video description. Include your website if you have and keyword and also the details that help your viewers to understand about your video. Make it at least 200 words long. Use similar words related to the keyword. But do not use keywords more, you are likely to penalize for keyword stuffing.

You can also use descriptions as the backlinks for some other videos. This might also help.

Read Does Google love backlinks? If yes how to get backlinks ? to know more about backlinks.

5. Use Custom Thumbnail:

Custom thumbnail can have good impact while in the crowd of suggested and trending video list. But if you do not have the verified YouTube channel, you can not take advantages of this feature. It is strongly recommended to use custom thumbnail for verified YouTube channel.

Always use HD format and keep it 640 pixel wide while you create custom thumbnail. Try to use 16:9 aspect ratio and under 2MB in size. YouTube player uses 16:9 aspect ratio most of the time. If you create the thumbnail for your videos keeping all that in mind and upload it that is best optimized for both desktop and mobile. So use catchy custom thumbnail for free YouTube Video promotion.

6. Create Video Tags:

If you are not using tags properly in your videos, you are not the good Youtuber. If you are not using any tags in your videos that means you are just uploading videos like a child. I even found people who upload videos in a regular basis, they damn care about tags or they do not know about it.

Using tag is important and here how you should.

  1. Always use your brand name tag in your all videos so that your videos are shown in related videos of your own video.
  2. Use your main keyword as one of your tag.
  3. Use other similar keywords in the tag as well.
  4. Take help from YouTube auto suggest and use them as well.

You can also use some special tools like TubeBuddy to manage your tags. You can also use this tool to find the tags used in other popular channel. This is handy Free YouTube Video Promotion to rank your videos.

I will write about this tool in my next blog post. Keep coming.

7. Promote Your Videos or Playlist as cards.

You can use cards over your videos. Cards are the tiny piece of information which displays over your video in a specific time or at the end of the video. See the below image to get the idea of cards.

Free YouTube video promotion -YouTube card image

You can use 5 different cards in a single video. So use cards that will display over your video  and link up to your another video or any playlist. While watching your video people will see the cards and likely to click on it. When they do so, you end up sending that user to your next video. It increases the video views and may help to rank your videos more often.

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All above tricks and hacks for free YouTube video promotion will surely help to optimize your videos and channel. I hope the search for “how to promote YouTube videos without paying” will end. Though you can always pay to promote your YouTube video. But when you optimize your channel and videos using these hacks, your videos will start ranking higher not only on YouTube but also on Google.

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