Almost like free WordPress theme download, MyThemeShop offer.

WordPress is amazing. And if you get free WordPress theme download, its great. MyThemeShop, a premium theme and plugins developer is coming with an amazing offer. The offer sounds almost like free WordPress theme download. They have introduced this offer in nearly two years.

To know the details about membership offer CLICK HERE

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Why MyThemeShop themes are good ?

There are tons of premium theme developer around the corner. And I am consequently recommending MyThemeShop. Just because I am using them in my various blogs. Since I went for it, I do not recommend any others.

This blog uses Schema the fastest WordPress theme.

Both the themes are from MyThemeshop. While Suman Gaudel site is almost 2 years old, Nepsify blog has been just started. So I urge, I am the very satisfied user since past 2 years. Not only the themes but the support system is great too. If you encounter any problem, support system is always ready for quick support. Maybe the 400k plus users  are the reason how much they value the customer. Hence the number of customers are increasing. Most noteworthy, the customers are the top bloggers. They must have chosen MTS for all those reason. They speak themselves. You can also check the testimonial page for what they are saying.

What offer is like free WordPress theme download ?

If you are just thinking to start a blog or website read my below post.

Ultimate step by step guide to start a blog.

If you are a WordPress enthusiastic. You are a blogger and developer. Then you must be looking for this kind of offer. Just go get the MyThemeShop Membership offer. Its almost like using the free themes. They have brought down the price to $99.47. The regular price for the same is $228.

What do you get in this offer price ?

  • The offer provides you the 150 plus premium products (121 themes and 31 plugins ) for 1 years.
  • You can use already downloaded products even you cancel the membership.
  • Access the all new products released while you are a member.
  • You can use themes and plugins furthermore on clients website as well.
  • 24/7 support system for all the sites that uses the products.
  • And the big one is 30 days money back guaranty.

The offer is solid. Probably the best. And this is just for a limited time. And the products are amazing too. The fast and SEO optimized themes. The regular usable plugins. And the great support system. So I request you not to search “free responsive WordPress theme”. Do not go for “best free WordPress blog themes”either. Rather the membership offer is great, grab it.

Some of the highlighted products for membership.

  • Schema-the fastest WordPress theme (my blog is also using the same)
  • WP subscribe Pro plugin (very light subscribe button on your site)
  • Content locker Pro plugin (locks the content if browser is using the Adblock)
  • Social Now WP theme (yet another theme our company Nepsify using for the blog)
  • Builders WP theme for construction company ( Read the Builder theme review)
  • Myblog WP theme (inspired by design)
  • WP in post ads plugin (useful for displaying ads in between post)
  • WP backup Pro plugin (useful for the backup your site on Google drive, Dropbox etc.)
  • Ad sense WP theme (yet another good and fast theme to earn more from adsense)
  • How TO WP theme (yet another good theme for content heavy blogs to make easy reading)

In conclusion, I can say these are few of the great products offered in the membership. Yo will not be disappointed if you get the membership. Even if you are not satisfied you have 30 days money back offer too. But this is only for the limited time.

So go get the MYThemeShop Membership Offer soon.

Do you still have doubt ? and still going to search “free WordPress theme download” ? Maybe not ! but if you are still unsure go read about me. And comeback here you will almost likely to sign up for the membership. Happy blogging.

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