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How to recharge NTC mobile in a simple and easy steps.

NTC or Namaste mobile service is the pioneer in Nepal. So there may be lots of queries to recharge NTC. Only two major telecom operators are running nationwide. And NTC holds the major portion. Another operator is Ncell. Though some other operators like Smart Cell also operating its service. Smart cell is operating in some parts of the country only. There maybe different ways to recharge NTC or Namaste mobile service. Certainly picking all of them at once is not possible. So I am trying to describe most noteworthy and convenient steps.

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Steps to recharge NTC / Namaste mobile both postpaid and prepaid

  • Type *412*Recharge Card Pin# and press the call button.
  • Dial 1413, then select language and follow the voice instruction.
  • Dial 1415, then select language and follow the voice instruction.
  • You can also visit online recharge site of NTC and recharge there using the NT recharge card. Just need to add NTC recharge pin code and your service number there.
  • You can also use Nepal Telecom mobile app available on Google play store and Apple app store.

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Some other alternatives

All the process above are native to the Nepal Telecom. Furthermore, you can also use other third party service provider and their apps. There are payment apps like eSewa, Khalti, IME pay, Prabhu Pay etc. And almost all of these are distinctly offering mobile top up services. You can also use such payment services to recharge NTC or Namaste mobile. Because they also offer instant cashback, people seems to like using them consequently.

Similarly different banks in the country also provide the NTC recharge pincode through their mobile apps. They also offer a top up balance services. Postpaid users can also deposit the top up amount in the bank counter directly.

In a recent time, Nepal Telecom has launched its own mobile apps. It is more over like a NTC recharge app. Using the app you can do various task. But mostly you can recharge balance. Purchase different data packs. And also get different services from Nepal Telecom.

However, NTC balance transfer service is not that convenient. This balance transfer service is available for its prepaid users only.

You can download the Nepal Telecom app from the below links.
Download Nepal Telecom app on Google play store for Android.
Download Nepal Telecom app on Apple app store for IOS

Recharge NTC even If you are not in Nepal

It is hard to recharge NTC mobile if you are residing in foreign country. Most of the time it is difficult to avail any services online in Nepal. There are couple of online recharge services to recharge NTC. You can use those online recharge services. Out of them recharge.com is the major and popular recharge service for many different careers in different countries. You can also use it to recharge NTC or Namaste mobile services. The payment option available here are Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. So you can use it from anywhere in the world. But please be informed that I personally have not tested it. If anyone already using it please comment down below in the comment section.

Finally, in conclusion, there maybe other process also to recharge the NTC or Namaste mobile. However, these above steps are more familiar, popular and more convenient too . If you know any likewise and convenient steps, do not forget to mention in the comment section below.

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