WordPress 5.8 Tatum: A powerhouse with killing features and fixes.

WordPress 5.8 Tatum was released on 20 July, 2021. This release has been dedicated to the Art Tatum- renowned American jazz pianist. So, it is a WordPress 5.8 “Tatum”. Its been 5 days that I am trying my hands on it. It is flawless so far now. In these 5 days i knew WordPress 5.8 is the power house and it will change the way you design and develop WordPress websites. It is like the new beginning in the web publishing. You can easily update from your dashboard or can download WordPress version 5.8 and experience it. However, in this post I am going to describe some of the killing features.

Duotone color filters.

One great and killing feature of this new release WordPress 5.8 is the duotone color filters for the images. This feature lets you select the colors for your images. There are predefined color filters, but you can also choose your own colors. It is actually is giving your image a highlight color and a shadow color similar to the color overlay. Take a look at the duotone color filters on the image.

Duotone color filter screenshot
While selecting an image you can see the duotone color filters

Manage widgets with blocks.

The next feature of WordPress 5.8 Tatum is the power of managing blocks in the widget area. With this feature you can add any blocks to the widget area most probably like in the sidebar or in the footer. Take a look at the below screenshot image for an example.

Add blocks to any widget area

This feature mostly depends on the theme you are using. You can add Guttenberg blocks wherever you can add widget in your theme.

Full site editing with WordPress 5.8 Tatum.

The major killing feature of this WordPress update is full site editing capabilities. I believe this will kill many themes. However, full site editing is just a beginning and lot more will come in the future. It is still in progressive stage. Furthermore, you can expect complete site editing features in upcoming updates of WordPress. Before the concept of full site editing, you could only edit few sections of WordPress but now you will be able to edit almost everything using Guttenberg. That includes header and footer also. This will be the major and major and a big game changer in the history of WordPress updates. Lets wait and watch how long it will go and how long it will take.

And some technical fixes in WordPress 5.8 Tatum.

There are more than 3 features that are changed in this new updates. But I believe these three features explained above will be more handy. Other than these features, below technical fixes make this update awesome.

  • Introduction to the theme.json
  • WebP support for your images. Hopefully it will change jpeg and png to WebP in future updates
  • Additional support for blocks.
  • No more support to old internet explorer and internet explorer 11.

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WordPress has been phenomenal throughout its starting. The updates coming in a timely manner has grown its popularity. With the features like full site editing it will take the entire web development into next level. My personal take is that you can create beautiful and fully functional site using WordPress and Guttenberg.

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