Top 3 best free WordPress themes to start a blog in 2021.

Have you ever searched “best free WordPress themes” or searched “best WordPress theme free” and ended with the result like “50 best free WordPress themes” or like “100+ best free WordPress themes”. That is cheeky, right? These type of search result will put you in more dilemma. And the chances are that you will end up choosing the wrong one for your newbie blog. So here in this post I will help you to overcome those 100+ or 50+ best free WordPress themes type of search results.

This post will also describe, why you should only pick out of these 3 themes and start blogging without any worries for the theme. And of course, you can easily shift from these 3 themes to the premium version once you become the regular blogger. Using free themes all the time is not the wise decision as you have to compromise so many things in the free version themes.

If you want to implement premium theme right at the beginning check this post.
Almost like free WordPress theme download. MyThemeShop Offer.

Please note this post is entirely for the beginners. I believe once you become a regular blogger, you opt in for the premium theme and you should always. The 3 themes mentioned here are not less than premium themes though. You might be wondering that you can shift from any free themes to the premium themes. Yes you can. But when you choose really a bad theme at the beginning, it will surely have a negative impact on your blog. So even if you do not intend to choose any of the themes mentioned here, choose very wisely.

What should you look into your best free WordPress themes ?

When it comes to a free themes you probably look into the WordPress themes repository If theme is not available in the WordPress repository, avoid using that theme. Since theme is very much skeleton of your blog or sites, you must use very trustworthy themes only.

Secondly, check the number of downloads, try to check the reviews right there in WordPress theme repository. Reviews on the theme developer site may be misleading but you can trust reviews on WordPress repository. If possible check the blog sites created using the theme. Even the most popular free WordPress themes are not highly scalable. So, I am just referring only three best free WordPress themes.

The third step is to check if you can easily upgrade to the premium version or not. The themes I am referring here are the ones which you can upgrade anytime and with little efforts and steps. If you are not choosing any of it mentioned here, go for any theme that has very good premium version.

Is it good to use free WordPress theme?

Many people search best free WordPress themes and end up choosing best WordPress themes. that is the premium version. I have seen people choosing cheap premium themes over the free version because they find many people insisting them to use premium theme. But I am totally different from them. Using the good quality best WordPress free themes is always a wise decision. Since you need to spend on hosting and related stuff at the beginning, you might opt in for the free version. And doing so does not harm your blog as long as you are choosing the best free WordPress themes.

Top 3 best free WordPress themes list

Are you tired of searching best free WordPress themes for blogs? Most of the time when you search this, you will end up getting the result 100+ best free WordPress themes like results. And you will fall into a lot of dilemma and you may end up choosing the wrong theme to start your blog. All 3 themes out of the 3 best WordPress themes list are trusted by many pro bloggers. They are also easy to upgrade when you wish to switch to the premium version. I can confidently say that if you choose any of from the list, you will never regret. Let me start the list with no.3 and no 1 at the bottom.


Best Free WordPress Themes Schema

Schema is my no 3 pick in the list of best free WordPress themes. It is the free and premium theme from the team MyThemeShop. You can start with the free version of Schema i.e. Schema lite and later on upgrade to the premium version any time. Even Schema lite gives you enough of features that is good to any starting blogger. Schema is very easy to configure, SEO friendly and fast loading theme as well.

Check the live demo and download the theme for free here
you can also download this theme in the WordPress repository
or you can simply go to your WordPress dashboard—Appearance—Themes—Add New—search Schema lite and add it from there as well.


Best free WordPress Themes GeneratePress

GeneratePress is the complete free theme that you can later scale into premium module with GeneratePress plugins to extend your theme functionality. GP is my second pick. To use this theme you need to play with customization a bit. More than 200K+ websites and blogs use GeneratePress theme. So this is undoubtedly one of the best free WordPress themes available till date. This is also fast , secure, reliable and SEO optimized theme. Check the sites list created with GeneratePress WordPress theme. Do not worry about your site design, functionality or even the performance, there are hundred of thousand of sites and blogs using GeneratePress. Team GeneratePress and the creator Tom Usborne is always gearing up for the betterment.

Download and preview GeneratePress theme in the WordPress repository
or you can directly install the theme from your WordPress dashboard.
check the install guide on GeneratePress website.
Also check the premium GeneratePress module and get it if you wish.


Best free WordPress themes Astra

Astra is my no 1 pick for anyone searching for best free WordPress themes. Probably 400K+ users agree with me and using Astra WordPress theme from team Brainstromforce(WPastra). Thus it is the “fastest growing theme of all time” Astra WordPress theme is free and premium. As I said before you should always look for a good free theme when you are starting. And when you grow you can convert it to the premium version any time.

Astra free also comes with lot of features. Even with the free version you can achieve many things. This Astra theme is not only best for bloggers but also good for other website creators as well. It has lot of ready made starter sites available for free. Check the starter sites sample here. You can easily import those sites, edit a bit and your site is ready to be online. Other features that makes Astra WordPress theme no.1 pick for any one.

  • Super fast performance
  • Customize everything easily
  • Astra is made for page builders like Elementor or Beaver builders
  • Flexible to use in various websites
  • Ready to import websites

Download Astra from WPAstra
Download Astra theme from WordPress Repository
or you can simply go to your WordPress dashboard—Appearance—Themes—Add New—search WP-Astra and add it from there as well.

Confused between 3, here’s my quick pro tips.

While summing it up I would still make your choice easier. If you do not want to play with the customization and want to start immediately after filling some blog details go for SCHEMA. But if you want a bit more complex and specific design with little less money go for GENERATEPRESS. And if you wish to have a more than complex and want to have everything in control with little extra money go for ASTRA.

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Finally, The best free WordPress themes may not end here. If you notice any free plus premium theme that is equally good like above, please mention in the comment box below. Also if you are using any one of these themes in your blog or site mention the site in the comment below as well.

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