How to sort emails in Gmail according to sender. The best guide.

Gmail is a popular email app. It has got plenty of features. The best thing it introduced was the archive option back then. Ever since the service and features are growing in Gmail. And one of the major features is to sort emails in Gmail according to the sender. Today I am going to write about this feature.

What is sort email in Gmail?

Sort emails in Gmail is a useful feature using which you can arrange all of your emails. Emails are received in a random order. Your inbox, archive or any other folders contain email which are listed in a random order or in an order they are received. Sort feature lets you arrange these emails such as by sender, by size or by date. Suppose you want to list all the emails from a particular sender you can use this feature.

Sort emails in Gmail according to the sender on the web. 

Using the browser on the web, you can use two methods to sort emails according to the sender. See the steps below.

Using the existing email.

To sort emails for a particular sender using a web browser on the web, open Gmail on any of the browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

Login to your Gmail account if you have not logged in before using your user email and password. If you are already logged in you will see your Gmail inbox.

Find one email from a sender that you like to sort emails of. For example, here in this below screenshot I want to sort emails from …………. panthi. So, I have one email from ………… panthi.

Short emails in Gmail screenshot
Go to the email from a sender which you want to sort.

then right click on that email.

Click on Find emails from “ the sender ”

Here in the screenshot above I want to sort emails from ……….. panthi

Now Gmail will display all the emails from ………….. panthi. See the screenshot below.

Screenshot of sorted email list

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Using the search features.

Another way to sort emails in Gmail according to the sender is to use the search function inside Gmail.

Right at the top of Gmail inbox you see the search bar as seen in the screenshot below.

search icon in gmail

At the right side of the search bar you see the search option. Click on that

You see the search dialog box. Click on the Name field and type the name or email address that you want to sort emails from.

sort emails using search function.

Now click on search, then Gmail will display all the emails from that particular sender.

Sort emails in Gmail on your Android or iPhone.

To sort the emails in Gmail on your Anroid or IOS use the official Gmail app. Open the Official Gmail app.

Mobile Gmail app search

At the top right you see search feature. Using that search feature, you can sort all the emails from the particular sender. 


Sorting feature is a very handy trick to find, sort or filter emails according to the sender. With this feature, you can quickly sort emails from particular sender that you wish and quickly find the email you wish. Furthermore, you can also sort emails according to the size and also according to the date range they are coming into your inbox. If you still find it difficult to sort emails in the Gmail, please drop your message in the comment section below. 

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