How to create bootable USB for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

Hey! Guys ! to create bootable USB for windows is simple but not as easy as one might think. In this write-up, I am going to write down how to create bootable USB for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. Actually, it is very simple.

Tools required to create bootable USB for windows :

  •  ISO File :-  You must need an ISO file of the particular Operating Software that you want to make bootable of.
  •  Minimum 8 GB USB drive :- Most of the Windows ISO file is more than 3.5 GB. Assuming yours same as mine. You must need at least 8 GB Pendrive.
  • Windows USB/DVD Download Tool :-  This an open source tool/software distributed by CodePlex. In this tutorial, we are using this tool to burn Windows ISO file to our USB drive. It can be used for burning DVD as well. It is a very light tool around 3 Mb.

Firstly download and install Windows USB/DVD Download Tool from its official site. And insert your 8 GB USB drive to your PC.

Windows USB download Tool

After downloading the tools, you just need to go through simple four Steps :

  • Step 1: Open your installed Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool and Browse your ISO file from of your drive and press Next.
Browse ISO file
  • Step 2: In Step 2 You’ll see options to select the media type that you would like to use to make your bootable windows. In our case, we are going to make bootable USB Pendrive so, select USB Device .
Choose your USB
  • Step 3: In step 3 select your Pendrive from the drop-down lists. If your device is not shown in the list, try re-inserting and refreshing it. After selecting your USB device select Begin copying.  You will be asked whether to Erase your USB Device, I recommend erasing it.
Insert USB drive to create bootable USB device
  • Step 4: This is the final step, here your software will format and begin copy your ISO file to your USB stick, Here you have to be patience for around 5-10 minutes depending upon your condition of your USB and PC. Wait until it completes all process such as copying and finishing up to 100% .

Finally, your bootable USB drive is ready

Finishing of Create bootable USB drive

That’s it. You are ready with your Bootable USB Windows OS.
Thanks for the Patience  🙂

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