How to reverse image search from mobile and PC?

This post simply describe how to reverse image search in Google and few other tools to find the similar images around the web.

image search is one of the best tools available in the web. When it comes to the search, Google is the king. However, there are few other search engines as well. Yahoo, Bing, Yandex are some of them. Google reverse image search is such a fantastic tool that will help you to do the search for similar images around the web. When you reverse image search using any image the search engine will display the image with similar content that are available in different size over the internet. However, Google’s ‘search by image’ is limited to desktop version only. But with the help of little trick you can reverse image search on your mobile devices as well.

How to do reverse image search on your desktop computer?

It is easy to do reverse image search on your desktop computers. Google’s image search is all meant for the desktop version. All you need to do is visit

Google reverse image search

You see a little camera icon at the right corner. This where you input your image to search. Click on the camera icon.

Google reverse image search upload image

You can use image from the internet and also upload from your computer. Once you select the image, it will search the similar images used on the other websites on the internet. But it should be little tricky when you are on the mobile device.

How to Google reverse image search on mobile?

Image search is easy on the desktop computers. While on the mobile device, Google does not fancy with that camera icon. When you visit Google image search using your mobile browser, you do not see that camera icon. So, you need to pull out to become a bit smarter.

I recommend you to use Firefox or Chrome browser on your mobile device to do the reverse image search.


Google image search mobile site

Check on the top right corner. This is for most of the android devices for both Google Chrome and Firefox browser. iPhone and iPad will have a different settings. You will see three dot. Tap on it.

Request desktop site on mobile device

You will see the above screen. Tap on “Request Desktop Site” if you are using Firefox browser. Or tap on “Desktop Site” if you are using Google Chrome browser.

desktop site on mobile

Now you see the desktop site on your mobile browser and also the camera icon is visible. Now you can search images by uploading the images you have on your devices.

How to reverse image search on iPhone?

The way you surf the internet on iPhone is quite different than the other Android devices. Safari is the default browser on iPhone and other IOS devices like ipad and Mac. When you visit the Google image search on iPad and Mac you get the desktop version loaded. With the desktop version, you see the camera icon to do the image search conveniently. While with the iPhone, you need to be the tricky one.


iPhone image search mobile version

Look at the bottom right corner, you will see the three dots. Tap on the three dots and then tap on the “Request Desktop Site”

iPhone desktop site on mobile

Now you will have a desktop version of browser and also the camera icon. You can tap on the camera icon and upload or provide the URL of the image. Once you upload image from your computer or via URL it will do the image search to provide the similar image results.

Other than the Google images.

There are quite a bit other third party image search engines. People even try with Facebook image search. I am trying to list some of them below.


TinEye is probably the most popular reverse image search after Google. It searches your image and show the result where on the other places the image is being used online. You can also try this one with ease.


Yet another site that does what you are looking for. This is good use in the Google Chrome browser. You can also get the Chrome extension for the same.


Yandex reverse image search is the Russian site that does the image search with ease. It is the unique one in way that it search the images directly from the mobile browser without any hassle. Also has the simple user interface. Tap the camera icon, upload or take photo and there you go.

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