How to build a Website, Quick and Easy Steps.

Building a website is crazy things nowadays. People are searching the new techniques every day how to build a website. Building a complex website may require some extra knowledge. But building a simple personal website is simple and easy. Here in this post, I am sharing few quick and easy steps to guide you how to build a website.

How to Build a Website

Things you should know before learning how to build a website.

  1. Domain name
  2. Hosting
  3. Platform to build a website

Domain Name:

Domain name is the primary thing before you start to build a website. Before you know how to build a website, you should know about the domain name. Domain name is the name of your website. Let’s say you want to name your website as ABC WEBSITE, you wanna get a domain name like or or anything else. It totally depends on you how you want to name your website. What type of website you want to run? Is it .com, .org or anything else, it’s your choice. You can get domain from the following


And much more to follow the list. If you are familiar with the domain name provider yo can go for the anyone as per your requirements.

After getting the domain, you should now get the hosting.


Hosting is a place where you actually put your website data. It host your data and provides to the internet user worldwide when requested. There are plenty of hosting service provider but I would recommend the Bluehost.

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Bluehost is a premier web hosting service provider at an affordable price. After the hosting now the actual process of building website starts.

Platform to build a website:

Once you got the domain and hosting, your real website building process starts. You need to choose the platform to build a website. There are much more platforms available but here in this tutorial, I am describing WordPress, one of the most popular platforms people are using to create their website.

Install WordPress on your hosting. It is as easy as clicking some button. Every hosting service provider has this as one click WordPress Installation. Click to install WordPress, setup some configuration. Your website name, tagline etc and your website is ready and running .

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