Nepali Lok Dohori and Muna Thapa Magar’s journey so far.

When it comes to the Nepali songs, people can not forget about the Nepali lok dohori. Nepali lok dohori is the kind of song which is considered to be the pure origin from Nepal. The folk songs are always fascinated by the locals. In Nepal, there are plenty of dohori singers. Among them very few are popular and others are just the random singers.

Nepali Lok Dohori Singer-Muna Thapa Magar

About Muna Thapa Magar?

Muna Thapa is the formidable folk singer from the beautiful country Nepal. She has sung more than 3000 songs over the past 13 years. The cool, calm and the simple Muna Thapa is the hot property of the country.
She has more than 2000K fan following on Facebook. She is one of the top 5 fan followings public figure from the country Nepal on Facebook. Muna Thapa is equally involved in other social media as well. She regularly interacts with the fan on twitter as well. Mention a tweet @MunaThapa to interact with her. One can follow her on Instagram, LinkedIn and other Social Media too.

Nepali Lok Dohori starts up for Muna Thapa.

While reading about the singer, I tried to explore about her every aspect of life. To be honest, whenever I meet her I never tried such a thing. I went through most of the news that publishes about Muna Thapa. I went through the Wikipedia. Though most of the parts there is edited by myself. If you have come up here reading this, you must be the fan of Muna Thapa. I suggest you to explore her on the Wikipedia.

Muna Thapa grew up in the small village of Siling, Lamachaap in Gorkha district Nepal. She learned and inspired to sing right from there. And always applauds her Karsingh Vena (brother in law) and Fupu (Sister) to make her singing journey successful. Muna Thapa still remembers those early days when Karsingh Vena forced her to step up on the stage. She hardly went there full of shy and performed.

Karsingh Vena not only made her sing her on stage for the first time but also pushed her to go to Kathmandu. Maybe this man realized and saw a future Nepali Lok Dohori star in her. Kathmandu is the dream of every common man. It is never easy. It was not easy then. Muna Thapa has the long list of the story from her struggle period. Coming from a small village, having a big dream. Initial days were real painful. She recalls, but does not want to go back. She gained much more in the life, but she is still humble and grounded. I am the same Muna Thapa who had come to Kathmandu for the first time to become the singer. I will always remain the same. Says she.

First Album

Struggling in the Kathmandu, She started to perform in the various Dohori Sanjh. Dohori Sanjh were the place for her to have the singing practice and to earn a bit livelihood. She performed in Dobhan Dohori Sanjh, which turned out to be like her home later on. During the time, She voiced Shakuntala Thapa’s song Jadhyaha Poi. After this song, she also gave her voice to the Dohori album of Raju Gurung, Ramji Khand, and Shiva Hamal, titled Deurali ko Bhatti. These two songs gave her recognition. She opted for her single Dohori album. With the help of her brother, she produced the Dohori album Chhori. Later she came out of 2 sequels of the same album.

The first album went on successful. She then produced sequels of Chhori album twice, Chhori part 2 and part 3.
After then she never had to look back. She has sung more than 3000 songs so far. She has performed on over 8000 stage program. And she had toured many countries worldwide for the musical concert. Wish more success for her in coming days.

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