Does Managed WordPress Hosting Handle Big Websites? Well, hosting has always been tricky for any web developer. Choosing the best hosting can define a success for your website. Web hosting companies are coming up with different hosting services. The recent trend for the hosting companies out there is the Managed WordPress Hosting.

Managed WordPress Hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a hosting service which is specially designed for the WordPress sites. Basically hosting service providers deal with shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and recently they moved to cloud hosting as well. And so forth almost every hosting company has designed the hosting services for the WordPress sites.

WordPress sites are rapidly growing up. WordPress now powers more than 30% of websites worldwide. This trend is rapidly growing. Looking at this growing trend, Most of all the host company has come up with the service or a product which is specially designed and scaled for WordPress. The main focus of these hosting services is the WordPress so you do not have to worry about managing the technical aspects. Yo can just focus on the growth of your site. Hosting service will handle everything about the technical issues hence you can run your website seamlessly.

Is it for the big WordPress Site?

You never know until and unless you try these features. I am writing this while I am on the verge of trying Managed WordPress Hosting recently. WordPress is for every scale of websites. Since the WordPress gets popular day by day, the core features are also improving. Improved core features make sure your websites has the clean and minimal codes. In order to scale the WordPress websites for the high traffic, you need to take care of some hardware features. You can read the high traffic tips here.

High Traffic Tips for WordPress Websites

When your site starts getting some shorts of popularity, your shared hosting becomes weird. For sure Shared hostings do not handle the big sites. Big sites need a lot more attention and technical updates. WordPress hosting takes care of everything. It updates its core automatically. It has security audits. Until now I do not see any downtime so far. People often ask me can WordPress scale a high traffic? My simple answer would look at This WordPress site runs on a single WordPress installation. Every month billions of page views happen on a user generated contents. If this is not enough, take a look at the big sites such as Times, TechCrunch, CNN, TED. This list is growing every day. So asking the scalability of WordPress is useless.

So if you are not building next Facebook, Twitter or Google, you can wisely choose WordPress.

Well, let’s come to the point now.

Does Managed WordPress Hosting for big websites?

My answer would be Yes. After reading all of the above, you must know that I am totally in favour of WordPress. I again repeat if you are not building next Facebook, Twitter or Google choose WordPress. You can build any websites using WordPress. Be it a simple site or a complex one because WordPress is for everything. If you are building a simple site you can check my previous post here

How to build a website quickly using WordPress?

These WordPress hosting services are for everything as well. WordPress hosting handles big site seamlessly. It takes care of every tech specs of the server. As a result, you get the stability and safety. Since you have the dedicated team, you can just focus on your websites. You will have the advantages of auto update and backups. You will also receive the staging area for your sites. So I urge, If you are building a website choose WordPress and Choose Managed WordPress Hostings as a hosting service.

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