What are URLS ? Quick and easy guide to understand.

People often describe a web address as URL. You might have heard many times that people giving you website name or address calling it a URL. So, there must be plenty of reason to wonder what are URLS? URL actually represents as Uniform Resource Locator. Here, in this post I am trying to define various aspects of URL. Will explain everything including image URL, tiny URLS and canonical URLS etc.

What are URLS

What does URL stand for?

URL stand for Uniform Resource Locator. It actually is the resource locator on the internet. in a simple sense it is a webpage address or the internet address.

What is URL example?

URL is the web address or internet address. It has many different parts. The typical example of URL is https://sumangaudel.com/funny-wifi-names/ where [https://] is the protocal [sumangaudel.com] is the domain name. Domain name is also referred as TLD (Top Level Domain). After the domain name or TLD is the path to the particular webpage. Here in above example [/funny-wifi-names/] is the path. And the whole part all together is a URL. This URL points to the particular webpage on the internet.

What are URLS and its types?

URL in a simple meaning is the web address that points to a particular webpage on the internet. You can also check the deep meanings and facts about it on Wikipedia. Computers in a networks communicate through the numbers called ip address which is like 132.34.76 format. However, these numbers are hard to remember. So, URL is there which converts those ip address into a memorable address. That address is actual URL. While you are visiting the webpage through browser, you probably enter a web address which is also the URL.

Furthermore, URLS are of different types. They are image URL, tiny URLS and canonical URLS. Above all those represents web address but they are slightly different in nature.

Image URL

Image URL is Similarly like other URL but only different is that image URL points to the particular image on the internet. As a result when you visit an image URL on the internet an image will open. Meanwhile, it can also be called an URL.


Tiny URLS are the shorten forms of URL. For example https://tinyurl.com/y4ku5aoj This URL is the shorten forms of the long URL https://sumangaudel.com/popular-unblocked-music-sites/. Both the URL points to the same webpage. But the first one is the shorten one. People use this kind of short URL on social media specially on Twitter. The reason being the limited numbers of characters there. You can use other services as well to make the URL short.

Canonical URL

Canonical URL is the term most importantly used for the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective. It is the kind of duplicate URL that points to the same page on the internet.


In conclusion URLS are the webpage address that points to the particular page, image or videos on the internet. URL also is the memorable forms of the ip address that connects more computers on the networks.

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