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Reset WordPress to default settings easily and quickly.

WordPress is a tool to create a website. Once you create a website you hardly need to reset WordPress to default settings. You will only add and modify an existing settings. But sometime you may have demo site installed on your server or you may want to replace that with the new one. Then this service will come handy. Here in this post I will try to describe and easy process to get WordPress bring back in its fresh install status.

What is WordPress default settings?

After installing the WordPress you install different plugins and you do the different settings. These different settings will give the desired looks and functionalities to your WordPress website. All you do is to get the proper website or blog is the additional settings other after the fresh WordPress install. So, the WordPress default settings is the stage of fresh WordPress install. Where you do not have any additional plugins, themes and settings. It is the stage where you first install WordPress on your hosting server.

Why do you need to reset WordPress?

After making the certain changes to your WordPress settings, sometimes there might be conflict between plugins. You may be confused about the settings or sometime you just want to restart with the fresh WordPress. For example, I have done my website also with the reset of fresh WordPress install. I had installed 12 to 13 plugins. After finishing my website I had a bit small problem in my comment section. I tried almost everything. I did deactivating plugins one by one and still that did not help. Then I went on to restore WordPress to its default settings and copied my content using the import functionalities of WordPress. That solved my problem. Whatever the reason maybe, restoring or reset WordPress to default settings seems to be handy for many situation.

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How to reset WordPress to default settings?

Please make sure that you take a back up of your WordPress site before restoring. We can reset or restore WordPress using WP Reset plugin.

Quick and easy steps to reset WordPress.

The very first step you need to take is to install the plugin onto your site.

plugin dashboard image

Inside your WordPress dashboard click on the “Plugins” and then click on “Add New

Install plugin image

Now you can upload the plugin from your computer and or you can search WordPress plugin repository. For this plugin you can simply install it from WordPress repository.

Look at the top right corner, you will see keyword section, type “WP reset” as shown in the above figure. List of the plugins will display. Choose the very first one “WP Reset-Most Advanced WordPress Reset Tool” and then click “Install Now

As shown in the above figure. Once the installation is complete you need to activate the plugin.

 reset wordpress to default settings activate plugin

Click on the “Activate” as shown in the above figure. The plugin will be activated. Furthermore you can use the plugin to reset WordPress to default settings.

Reset WordPress to default settings plugin tools

Now again go to the WordPress dashboard and then “Tools” you will see the “WP Reset” option. Click on that option.

WP reset dash board
WP Reset final image

You will be taken to the WP reset dashboard as shown in the above two figures. The first figure is the upper part and the second part is the bottom part.

You may see the lot of options in the WP Reset dashboard. You can always test those options for different purpose. They are handy but to reset WordPress to the default settings no need to touch any other settings.

Simply type “RESET” in the box as shown like in the above figure and click on the “Reset Site“. The WordPress settings will be restored to its default settings.

But all of your media files will be there. However, you can also delete the media files with the “Pro” version of the plugin.

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