Funny WiFi names. 100+ list from various category.

WiFi Networks are everywhere. While naming them it looks common. And there are chances that you end up with the default WiFi names from your internet service provider. Here, I am trying to list some of the funny WiFi names. These names will make you stand out of the crowd. Also trying to list these funny WiFi network names in a category base, so, it will be easy to pick the best from your desired category.

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WiFi actually is the family wireless network. The complete wiki description may describe a lot. It maybe used in all other places as well, but more over family networks have unique and funny names. So, People love to have stand out WiFi names to freakout their neighbors.

General Funny WiFi Names.

  1. WiFi better than wife
  2. No Internet
  3. Slow Internet
  4. My Girlfriend
  5. Not Connected
  6. Kick Ass Zone
  7. Big Fish
  8. My Wife
  9. Enter Net
  10. Furthermore
  11. Connect and Blow
  12. Your Balance will deduct
  13. Connect and Pay
  14. System Error
  15. System Infected
  16. Connect and Pay
  17. We will deduct your money
  18. Ransomware
  19. The King Virus
  20. We steal your data
  21. Just Ahead
  22. Do not connect
  23. Free Internet
  24. May damage your phone
  25. Fake Internet
  26. Fake Smile
  27. Corona Virus
  28. Covid 19
  29. Free Wifi but No Internet
  30. Connect to Infect your Phone
  31. Only Connect
  32. Do Not Steal anything
  33. Just Internet
  34. I Have Best Wife and WiFi
  35. No Signal

Related with Place Name.

Many people love the places. They have their favorite place and they want it to appear everywhere. So, in this list I am focusing on to the city and country name that can be handy to include in your network name SSID.

  1. Tokyo Star
  2. California Clash
  3. London Love
  4. Royal Kathmandu
  5. Boom Boom Berlin
  6. NYWiFiD
  7. Cat Man Do
  8. Mum Bai
  9. Del hi
  10. Colombo Cars
  11. Soul from Seoul
  12. Lost Angels in LA
  13. Jak Atra
  14. Russian Vodka
  15. Bra Zil

Sports Related.

Sport is the passion for many people. Sports lover find the way to have sport fanatic around them. However, putting the WiFi names around the sports they love is one symbolic theme. And also the gratitude to show towards the sport one loves. Find the few sports related WiFi names below.

  1. Hit Wicket
  2. WiFi Umpire
  3. Off Side
  4. Connect with Penalty
  5. Internet Basket
  6. Goal
  7. Shuttle Cock
  8. Box ing
  9. Six and Four
  10. Speed like Ferrari
  11. WiFi Stumps
  12. WiFi Ground
  13. Mr. Cricket
  14. WiFi Champion
  15. WiFi Cup

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Other Funny Network Names

  1. Connecting is Kissing Me
  2. Free WiFi
  3. No Network
  4. Could not Connect
  5. Do not try
  6. Hackers Zone
  7. Connect to get Hacked
  8. Sorry But Sorry
  9. Not Connected
  10. Hidden Network
  11. Internet Minister
  12. WiFi Less
  13. Faulty Router
  14. FBI Internet
  15. Under the Bed
  16. Connecting 2 Hearts
  17. Fall In Love
  18. Kings WiFi
  19. I Love You
  20. I Hate You
  21. You R My Darling
  22. PubG Lover
  23. Free Fire but No Fire
  24. Chicken Dinner
  25. LOL
  26. Only FB
  27. This N That
  28. Locked Internet
  29. What You Want
  30. Don’t Come Inside
  31. Your Wife My WiFi
  32. Slow Net
  33. No PubG Plz
  34. Connecting….
  35. Downloading….
  36. Uploading a Virus
  37. Downloading a Virus
  38. No to Internet
  39. Connect to Get Virus
  40. Do not blame


In a final note, I would like to notify that this list will get an update in a regular basis to include the more unique and funny SSID names. Also would like to request you to comment such names in the comment sections below. I will try to feature them in the next update.

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