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Top bloggers in India. An absolute list for 2021.

This post is all about the prominent bloggers in India. The list is regularly updated to keep it perfect and exact. However filtering out the top bloggers in India is not an easy task. But this absolute list is created after lot of hard work so you may not deny with it.

When I first started to think about the bloggers in India, I came to figure out massive list. There are hundreds of bloggers in India. No one reveals the exact income publicly. Though the list of top bloggers does not have any impact of their income from blogging. There are other blogs focusing on earnings. Try searching “top bloggers in India and their earnings“. This absolute list consists the bloggers who are creating value.

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This list also does not consists of any You Tuber. You Tubers are actually video bloggers and the list only consists of the writers. The blog list focusing more over text bloggers. I believe creating a text blog and a video blog is quite different than each other. You require different kinds of talent for each. Text bloggers are called bloggers and video bloggers are called vloggers.

If you are really confused between blogger and vlogger check the below post and discussion on Quora
Difference between blogger and vlogger

These top blogs and their bloggers are completely into the professional blog. They are earning decent amounts. It is not clear how much each bloggers earn because none of any top bloggers in India reveal their exact earnings. Very few bloggers like Harsh Agrawal used to reveal the earnings but now they have stopped. The list is also intended to help any one willing to become a professional blogger. I hope, after following the bloggers in the list you will take something positives.

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List of top bloggers in India.

Harsh Agrawal

Harsh Agrawal is always my favorite blogger. And he is no doubt a number one blogger in India. There may be debate between him and others. Mostly people compare Harsh Agrawal and Amit Agrawal but I would rate Harsh Agrawal ahead of Amit Agrawal and top blogger in India. Simply the reason is Harsha Agrawal teaches blogging and many youngsters are following him. Harsh Agrawal started his blogging journey in around 2008/2009. You can read his blogging story here. I am one of the bloggers growing up reading his blog to start my own.

I believe, many bloggers now in India has grown up seeing Harsh Agrawal and his blog Shout Me Loud. Shout Me Loud now has more than 1 million page views every month. This blog has made positive impact on many new be bloggers as well. Following his blog, you can also start your own blog if you have passion for it.

Visit Harsh Agrawal’s blog Shout Me Loud

Amit Agrawal

Amit Agrawal is yet another top bloggers in India. His blog labnol.org is most popular blog in tech. Amit Agrawal mostly writes about how to guides and technology. He also creates Google services add-ons. His add-ons are found on a different website called https://digitalinspiration.com/ Amit Agrawal is the first ever blogger in India. He is also believed to be one of the highest earning bloggers in India. Though he clearly does not reveal the exact earnings. Amit Agrawal’s success story was featured on official Google adsense blog.

Visit Amit Agrawal’s blog Labnol.org

Anand Khanse

Third in my list is Anand Khanse. He is the must not avoid blogger in the list of top bloggers in India. Anand Khanse has been Microsoft MVP awardee for almost 10 years. Microsoft MVP is the most valuable professional for Microsoft software including Windows. Anand Khanse is operating the blog around Windows. His blog is named The Windows Club. The blog is not a single man team like few others mentioned here. The windows Club has a team of dedicated people. This blog is popular among Windows user and has more than millions page views each and every month.

Visit Anand Khanse’ blog The Windows Club

Varun Krishnan

The big fan of mobile phones and gadgets, Varun Krishnan is yet another popular bloggers in India. He runs FoneArena. He has been around blogging for few years. His blog is specially related to the mobile phone reviews. He has been gaining popularity for his sincere and perfect reviews. So he is in the list of top bloggers in India. His blog is the key for every mobile consumers in India.

Visit Varun Krishnan’s blog FoneArena

Pritam Nagrale

Fifth in my list of top bloggers in India is Pritam Nagrale. He is running a popular blog https://moneyconnexion.com/ He has also operating another blog https://surejob.in/ Both his blogs are popular and getting good amount of traffic. As per the report he has recently been a proud owner of BMW car from his blogging income. He has been consistently blogging since 2004. He has failed multiple times but did not give up blogging. His blogging story might be influence for any wanna be blogger.

Visit Pritam Nagrale’s blog MoneyConnexion.com

Deepak Kanakaraju

Deepak Kanakaraju, man also known as Digital Deepak is yet another one of the top bloggers in India. All he started with the bike blog back in 2008. He is one of the top promising blogger. He writes about the bikes in his bike blog and very useful digital marketing blog in his digital marketing blog. Both the blogs are well popular in their particular fields. So I consider him one of the top bloggers in India.

Visit Deepak Kanakaraju’s bike blog bikeadvice.in
Visit Deepak Kanakaraju’s digital marketing blog DigitalDeepak.com

Kulwant Nagi

Kulwant Nagi is a blogger who teach blogging and SEO tips. He is well popular in Indian blogging diaspora. He started his blogging journey quite early in 2012. His blog helps other to start a career in blogging. Like Harsh Agrawal he is also making changes to the life of 9 to 5 job goers. With the help of blogging income he has traveled more than 20 plus countries so far. Since he is making differences with his blog, I consider him one of top bloggers in India.

Visit Kulwant Nagi blog BLOGGING CAGE

Nandini Shenoy

Nandini Shenoy is the different than the other top bloggers in India. While other bloggers above are either tech bloggers or they are in the blogging niche, she is Bollywood gossip bloggers. Though Nandini herself comes from the tech background. Nandini runs a PinkVilla where she features Bollywood news, gossips and the happenings. This blog is the sheer affection to the Bollywood and creating the top notch content

Visit Nandini Shenoy blog PINKVILLA

Some more top bloggers and blogs in India.

However, the above list is not the complete list of top bloggers in India. Neither the list of top earning blogs in India. This list is specially for year 2020. I will continuously monitor all the blogs above and also try to find out other Indian useful bloggers and blogs as well. Depending on their performance, I will update the list accordingly. The list here and on the other websites may differ a lot. The list here are not for their popularity, not for their traffic and neither for revenue they generates. Yes, it is not about the bloggers in India and their earnings, it is all about the value these bloggers creating to others.

I am sure one who is searching the term “top bloggers in India” is looking to be someone like these bloggers. Not all but mostly. May be reading one of the top bloggers in India, one will become the part of it. SO keep visiting this post. And also do not forget to mention any useful bloggers in the comment section below. The blogs and the bloggers that you mention in the comment section will be taken into consideration.

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