How to block someone on Facebook?

Facebook is probably the biggest social media on the internet. You make a lot of friends or connections over there. These friends may not always give you good options and good connections. Sometimes, you may find them irritating. You do not want them to see your activities such as posts, likes, comments etc. The simple choice is to block them. I am describing the ‘block’ on Facebook along with the steps on how to block someone on Facebook.

What is ‘block’ on Facebook?

Block on facebook simply is being completely invisible to someone. If you block someone, they are never going to find you anywhere on Facebook. That means they will not see any of your posts, your photos, what you like and not even comments you make on mutual friends posts. They will not find you even if they search for you on Facebook. You are completely disconnected with that someone you block. They will not be able to connect again by sending friend requests until and unless you unblock them. 

Difference between Unfollow, Unfriend and Blocking.

Facebook has provided a serial base solution to its users when they are  irritated seeing  someone’s  posts and activities on Facebook. 


Facebook has an unfollow option. If you do not like to see anyone’s post on your timeline you can simply unfollow them. But you are still a friend on Facebook. Your posts, photos and updates are still visible to them. Just you are not seeing any posts, photos and other updates on the timeline. It’s a good option when you need a break from someone for some time. Later whenever you want to see their timeline, you can follow them again. Both the follow and unfollow process takes without any information to someone you unfollow or follow back.


The Unfriend option is to disconnect with someone or not to be friends on Facebook. When you unfriend someone on Facebook, you do not see each other’s posts, photos or updates on each other’s timeline. But still you can see each other’s comments and likes on other people’s posts and timeline. When you unfriend someone and want to become a friend later, you need to send friend requests again. 


Blocking means you totally do not want to see their presence on Facebook. A facebook user will not be able to see anything of your activities on Facebook. That means even the comments and likes you make on other’s posts are not visible to someone you block. It’s like you are nowhere on Facebook to someone you block. And if you want to reconnect, you will have to send friend requests again.

When you block someone on facebook what do they see?

When you block someone on Facebook, They will not be able to

  • See any of your posts, comments or likes.
  • Tag you.
  • Invite you anywhere into events or groups.
  • Message or call you.
  • Send you friend requests or add you as a friend.

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How to block someone on Facebook using a desktop computer or a browser?

It’s a simple process to block someone on Facebook using a browser on a desktop computer. Simply follow the below steps.

  • Open Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or any browser and visit 
  • Login to your Facebook using your facebook user ID and password.
  • After login simply search for a person with their name that you want to block. The search bar is at the top left corner. 
  • Click on the profile and visit.
  • After visiting a Facebook profile page of someone you want to block, click on the three dots at the right corner just below the cover image. 

Take a look at the screenshot below

Block someone on Facebook screenshot
  • After clicking on the three dots, you will see the different options as seen on the screenshot above. The last option is “Block” click on “Block”.
  • When you click on “Block” you will see a warning message and confirm button. Just click on “Confirm” and you are done blocking that person. 

How to block someone on Facebook using Facebook mobile app?

The process is similar like on the desktop computer browser. 

  • Open the mobile app by tapping Facebook Icon on your mobile screen.
  • Most people are logged in on Facebook apps on their mobile, but if you are not, simply log in using Facebook user id and password.
  • Once logged in, tap on the search icon which is at the top right corner before the messenger icon.
Facebook block mobile search screenshot
  • Type a person’s name on the search bar and search their profile. 
  • Click on the profile and visit the profile of someone you want to block.
  • Tap on the three dots at the right corner below the profile picture and profile name
  • While tapping on three dots, you will be taken to the profile settings. Find the “Block” option there and tap on it.
Mobile facebook block screenshot
  • Then the confirmation message will appear. Tap on “BLOCK”
Mobile facebook block confirmation screenshot
  •  Now you are done with blocking someone on Facebook.


The whole blocking process is anonymous as Facebook does not notify anything to someone you are blocking. However a person may still know that you have blocked him or her on Facebook. While in the long run, if they do not see any likes, comments or activities they may guess and find out that you have blocked them.

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