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How to activate Windows 10 for free using HWIDGEN.

Microsoft Windows is the popular operating system. When you buy Windows you can activate it with the product code. And there are couple of ways to activate windows for free. This post will simply guide you on how to activate Windows 10 for free.

Why to activate Windows 10 ?

Windows 10 is the popular operating system. And the Microsoft has announced that this will remain the last operating system. That means we will not get Windows 11 or something like that. We may hardly expect the other windows series like Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10. Microsoft is doing great job to keep Windows 10 intact. And you need to activate Windows 10 to utilize its full functions. Unless and until you activate it, you are not going to get fully functional Windows 10. Therefore it is necessary to activate Windows for fully functional operation. You can use different methods to activate it.

What is HWIDgen ?

When you install Windows on your computer, you need to activate it. You can do it using the product keys from Microsoft Corporation. Or you can use other third party tools to activate it. Remember if you have purchased Windows 10 legitimately, you can use the product keys. But for all other resources there are many tools to activate Windows 10 for free. HWIDgen is one of the most trusted tools to activate Microsoft Windows for free. Furthermore, this is also regarded the safest way to activate Windows 10 as well. This tool is more powerful than any other available tools on the internet.

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Steps to activate Windows 10 for free.

  • Download the HWID gen from these links


  • Before downloading those file, please make sure you deactivate all the antivirus including Windows defender.

People consider that you do not need to deactivate any antivirus, but I strongly recommend that you do.

  • After downloading one of the file from above link extract it. Use password 123 while extracting.
  • You must be connected with the internet while doing this process. Click the “.exe” file from the extracted folder.
  • Click on the “Work Mode” which is at the top on the right corner.
  • Select “HWID” from the drop down and “Any Server Edition of Windows 10”
  • Then click on the start and then wait for the process to finish.
  • Close the HWID application once the process is finish.


HWIDgen is the easiest process to activate Windows 10 for free. The process is simple and easy. Just follow the above process. Do not forget to let us know your experience in the comment section down below. Furthermore you can also check the official forum for any discussion available regarding HWIDgen.

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