WordPress login redirect loop. The best way to solve it.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform nowadays. Not only the blogging sites but many professional sites are developed using WordPress. The statistics says almost more than 35% internet websites are powered by WordPress. You need to login to the WordPress dashboard for multiple reason. But some time it is hackly that you keep seeing WordPress login page despite doing multiple refresh. This WordPress login redirect loop will block you getting into the WordPress dashboard. There are multiple reasons that the login redirect loop occurs. And this is really awkward when this infinite loop happens. In this post I am describing the best way to solve this problem.

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What is WordPress login redirect loop?

WordPress login redirect loop is the problem when you try to login to your dashboard. It always takes you to login page despite entering correct user name and password. For example you simply enter your site login URL as https://yoursite.com/wp-admin and enter the username and password. When you enter correct username and password, you will get into your WordPress dashboard. But login redirect loop will again take you to the login page. Its like WordPress login nothing happens.

Causes of login redirect loop.

Most likely the causes of login redirect is the mismatch of site URL. When you try to login, you simply enter the login page URL. Then you enter the username and password in respective field. Now WordPress validates username and password. After the validation, if username and password are correct, login cookies are set into the browser. And then you get into the WordPress dashboard. But sometime WordPress fails to set the login cookies with correct URL parameters. And then it redirects a user back to WordPress login page.

Best way to solve login redirect loop.

There are multiple ways to solve the login redirect loop issues. Keep reading one by one. And it is better if you follow the steps as described below. That mean, first simply follow method no. 1, then method no. 2 accordingly.

Method 1: Clearing the cookies and cache in the browser.

WordPress uses cookies to authenticate users and manage the user sessions. It also uses cache to make site load faster. Some time your browsers may be storing cookies and cache for old credentials. This will cause the mismatch and prevent you to get into the WordPress dashboard. So, the very first steps to solve the login redirect loop is to clear the cookies and cache.

Steps to clear the cookies in Chrome browser.

Open Chrome browser.

Step 1. Click on the settings (three dot at the top right of the browser)

Step 2. Click on More tools

Step 3. Click on Clear browsing data

You can see the screenshot of step 1 to 3 below.

Clear cookies in chrome browser step 1 to 3

After all this process, clear browsing data popup window will appear. You can see the below screenshot for the clear browsing data popup window.

Clear cookies in chrome step 4

Please make sure that “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” are selected. Also make sure the time range is for “All time”

Step 4. And then click on “Clear data”

Now Chrome browser will clear all the old cookies and cached files.

Steps to clear the cookies in Firefox browser.

Step 1. Open the Firefox browser.

Step 2. Click on the three line at top right corner.

Step 3. Then click on the options.

Step 4. Look into the left side of the browser. You can see different menu. Click on the ” Privacy & Security”.

Step 5. Scroll down a bit and find “Cookies and site data” section.

Step 6. Click on “Clear Data”

Step 7. Clear data popup box appears for the confirmation. Click on “Clear” and Firefox browser will clear all the cookies and cached files.

Chrome and the Firefox are the major browser around the web. So, I have described the steps to clear the cookies and cached data on them. Though there are couple of other browsers that people use.

You can read this post “How to clear browser cookies and cache files in major browsers” from WP Beginner. This post clearly illustrate the process to clear cookies and browsing data in major browsers.

Clearing the cookies and cached data should solve the WordPress login redirect issue. Most of the time WP login redirects back to login page due to old credential cookies. But not all the time the issue arises due to cookies conflicts. So, if this method does not help you get pass the login screen follow the next method.

Method 2: Update the WordPress URL.

Some of the major issue for login redirect loop in the WordPress is the URL conflicts.

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