How to recover deleted Instagram messages (including video tutorial).

Instagram is the popular Social Media now a days. People love sharing photos, media and stories on Instagram. Ever since the social media giant Facebook took over Instagram, the chat system is also popular on it. So, while on chatting, there might be instances that you accidentally delete the chat history or chat messages. If you fall in this category this post is for you. Keep reading the tutorial on how to recover deleted Instagram messages. It consist of step wise guide and also include the video tutorial.

Possible methods to recover deleted Instagram messages.

People more often use Instagram to exchange messages. People call it DM. DM me on Insta. It is a common way to many people. Instagram messages have become more popular after Facebook took over it. Every people on Instagram exchange messages every day. And there is chances that are deleted. The deleted messages may have value in the future. So, Instagram has many options to recover it. We will be discussing about few methods to recover deleted Instagram messages.

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Method 1: from other user side.

When you delete the messages on Instagram, you usually delete it only on your side. Most of the time the chat history is still remain in the other side of the Instagram user. So, you always have the option to ask the other user whom you sent messages to resend those back to you. This process is typically for the user if you remember whom you sent messages. Also, there is likely that the other user might deleted the messages too. In this case you can not approach this method. But if you remember the user that you sent the messages and you have deleted in your side. And this is the best method to recover the messages easily.

Method 2: using Instagram data.

This is the common, yet the complicated method to recover the deleted messages on Instagram. Even if you delete the message from your side, it still exist in the Instagram server. You can simply download these messages from the Instagram server. This feature also lets you download all the photos and videos you share on Instagram. Just follow the steps below.

  • Visit Instagram website using one of the browsers.
  • You need to login using your id and password. You can login using Facebook too.
  • After login, check the top right corner.
  • Click on the profile icon.
  • And then Click on the settings.
  • Click on the Privacy and Security.
  • Scroll down, you will see “DATA DOWNLOAD” under it click on the request download.
  • You need to provide your password.
  • Once you provide your password, Instagram start preparing data and they will send in your email once complete.

Take a look at the screenshot below which will clarify the steps above.

Screenshot image to recover deleted Instagram messages
  • After you receive the email download the file from Instagram.
  • Download file will be in the zip format.
  • Extract it and look for the “messages” folder.
  • click on the chats.html and you will see the entire DM from your Instagram account.

Method 3: Using connected Facebook account.

This is also another easy method to recover deleted Instagram messages. But you must have connected your Instagram and Facebook account together.

Follow these below steps:

  • Open the connected Facebook account on any browser.
  • Enter Facebook username and password.
  • Now go to Facebook inbox.
  • Scroll down and you will see the Instagram icon. Click on that icon. All the Instagram messages are there.

Other ways to recover deleted Instagram messages.

Perhaps, there are more other ways also. And Instagram is specially made for mobile devices. So, you still need it to recover using mobile apps. Nevertheless, You can also use your mobile apps to recover these data. The video tutorial will describe it step by step. Watch it furthermore.


In conclusion, I must say there are many scams which are targeted to hack the Instagram and Facebook ids of people and you may fall for their trick. I, therefore only and strongly recommend you to use official apps. Using all these steps above, you will be able to recover the deleted messages on Instagram.

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