Why Zoho free email hosting is the best ahead of other emails?

Email is very essential for any business. It is the best one if a business has its own domain and business domain email address. Zoho free business email is the best email hosting for small businesses. You can easily create free business email using Zoho Mail Services. However, you can also create email using your normal hosting but these email services have more limits specially when you are planning to use email for the business purposes. So, Zoho is the best alternative to host your business organization email. 

What is email hosting for small businesses?

Email hosting is a hosting service for your business email. Basically, you can also use your web server or web hosting to set up your email requirement. But these default email services have limits in terms of usage and settings. Considering to use a bit advanced feature, small businesses require third party email hosting. Using the email hosting you can create email addresses, send and receive emails, customize emails such as signature, attachment, auto response etc. There are paid and free email hosting providers. Zoho provides its email services for small businesses in both free and paid versions.

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What do you get in Zoho free email hosting?

The most amazing thing that you get with Zoho free email hosting is the forever free plan. Zoho free email hosting comes with the free plan as well as paid plan. Apart from the free plan you get the features that are rich to handle your email service effortlessly. Some of the features that makes Zoho email the best includes; 

Clean inbox for free email hosting:

Zoho offers a very clean and attractive inbox along with the features like filter, snooze, archive, advanced search etc. 

Multi app integration with Zoho free email:

Zoho mail easily intigrates with multiple Zoho apps and it also seamlessly integrates with other third party apps such as Zapier to make your workflow better while receiving emails.

Security and privacy settings:

Zoho mail is well secured and even equipped with Two Factor Authentication. With the additional layer Zoho Mail has extreme privacy. Since the data is collected strictly on a need basis and the data ownership basis, one can rely on its privacy. With complete transparency it keeps you in the loop on data collection and usage making you the boss to make informed decisions. 

Powerful control panel to setup email

comes with the powerful control panel using which you can easily manage your company mailboxes. Powerful control panel enables you to configure many things such as group management, vacation response, organization settings, domain forwarding and many more.

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Finally, I conclude my post stating that, it is very hard to find any best alternatives to Zoho email. The free service includes up to 5 emails per organzation and I believe the number is enough for any small business organization. Please comment down below or contact me if you wish to use Zoho mail and need assistance.

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