How to enable ‘Click Wallpaper to Reveal Desktop’ in new MacOS Sonoma ?

If you are tech enthusiastic, you probably love Mac and MacOS. MacOS has its new update Sonoma and it has many new and exciting features. One of the handy features is ‘Click Wallpaper to Reveal Desktop’ and it might get more useful when you love to have most of your files on desktop.

Apple MacOS has updated to its 14 version Sonoma. This version of MacOS has many features that includes

  • New walpapers and screensavers
  • Desktop widgets
  • Improved Safari and Passwords
  • Improved private browsing
  • Click wallpaper to reveal desktop
  • and many more

You can explore all details about new MacOS Sonoma here

What is click wallpaper to reveal desktop ?

This is the new feature in MacOS. This feature help yo to directly jump into the Mac desktop when you click on the blank area of desktop or wallpaper. Suppose you have many windows open on your Mac and you suddenly need to jump into the desktop. You need to minimze all the windows or you can simply click on your desktop or wallpaper. All opened windows are put aside and you will see the desktop only if this feature is enabled.

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How to enable or disable to reveal desktop ?

This feature is a default feature in new MacOS. If you do not like it you can simply disable it. Some time it gets disabled unknowingly. In such cases you can simply enable it and use it for your ease of work.

Steps to enable or disable.

  1. Click on the Apple icon on the top left corner
  2. Click on the System Settings
  3. Scroll and click on the Desktop and Docks
  4. Now check for the ‘Desktop and Stage Manager’ section and find ‘Click wallpaper to reveal Desktop’. You can choose ‘Always’ to enable it and you can choose ‘Only in Stage Manager’ to disable it.

Check the below screenshot.

Click Wallpaper to Revel Desktop Screenshot.

Thats it you can now enjoy your MacOS as you like.

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