How to root BlueStacks? 100% working tweaks.

How to root BlueStacks? You will find probably the best answer here in this post. You can use kingroot or BS tweaker to root your BlueStacks. Read on the post to find out how you can actually achieve this.

Android is the much popular mobile OS now a days. It is gaining more popularity for the apps you can use in this operating system. There are billions of apps to use in the Google Play Store for the system. You can install those billions of apps on your device running android operating system. But sometime you may want to use those android apps on your Windows computers too. Then you need BlueStacks. Most specially for the games. People use BlueStacks when they want to play the game that is only available on Android and they want to play bigger on Windows PC.

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What is BlueStacks?

Bluestacks is the most popular android emulator. It is much useful for running android apps on Windows computers. People mostly use BlueStacks to play android games on Windows PC. The tagline says “The fastest Android gaming platform for PC” .You can also root BlueStacks to get maximum of your Android capability.

Can you use BlueStacks without root?

Yes, of course you can. BlueStacks is an Android emulator and it works as a bridge between Android apps and your Windows operating system. You can use all the application using BlueStacks as you use in your normal Android device.

Why do you need to root BlueStacks?

As already mentioned above, you can use BlueStacks without root. But sometime you may want to use extreme Android. Root BlueStacks is similar to Root Android device.

Steps to root BlueStacks.

You may root BlueStacks using quite different methods. Most often people use two popular methods to root BlueStacks. Using BlueStacks Tweaker is the more popular out of two methods.

  1. Using BlueStacks Tweaker
  2. Using KingRoot

As I said you can also use KingRoot to root BlueStacks but here in this tutorial, I am explaining how to root BlueStacks using BlueStack Tweaker as this is the most useful and popular. This one is going to be followed trend in the 2020 as well.

How to root BlueStacks using BlueStacks Tweaker? Latest version 2020.

You can root BlueStacks using BlueStacks Tweaker. All the BlueStacks version starting from version 2 to 4 can be rooted using this tool. So you can root BlueStacks 2, BlueStacks 3, BlueStacks 4 simultaneously.

Here in the steps below we are using the latest version in 2020 screenshots. i.e. BlueStacks 4 and BlueStacks Tweaker 5.

The Steps to follow

  • Download the BlueStacks Tweaker
  • Extract and install the BlueStacks Tweaker.
  • Now run the BlueStacks Tweaker as an administrator (This is important)
  • Now the BlueStacks Tweaker will open and you will see the different tabs on the screen
  • Click on the Main tab and then click on “Force Kill BS” as shown in the below image.
BT main Tab image
  • Now wait for a while
  • BlueStacks and ADB indicators both will turn red.
BlueStacks turning red image
  • Now go to the Root Tab and then click on Unlock
BlueStacks root tab and unlock image
  • Again go back to Main Tab and click on “Start BS”
  • BlueStacks restarts now. When BlueStacks restart you see both BlueStacks and ADB indicators turning green.
  • Now again go to the Root Tab and click on “Patch” as shown in the image below.
  • You can also install SuperSU and also update SU Binary.
Root BlueStacks Root Tab and Patch image

When done, you can now enjoy the facilities and services of rooted android device on your desktop PC. But if you do not wish to tackle all the steps above you can also download the rooted version of BlueStacks from the below link
Download the already rooted BlueStacks

BlueStacks is so popular now a days people are loving it. There are chances that you are using other versions of BlueStacks and BlueStacks Tweaker and want to root your BlueStacks. Or you may want to use other services in BlueStacks. Below is the link of YouTube playlist that has many videos about BlueStacks.
Watch YouTube Playlist about the BlueStacks and BT Tweaker.

If you have any difficulties and need any assistance please feel free to contact me on my contact page or post your comment down below in the comment section.

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