How to Download Videos from YouTube? An Easy Guide.

YouTube and the videos are synonyms. You can watch millions of videos on YouTube. And some folks even may want to download it. Though downloading and watching offline YouTube video is not the legitimate way. Only one legal way to do it is download and save it within YouTube app in certain countries. You can download and save videos in your YouTube library. And you can watch it later using YouTube app even when you are in offline. But downloading to watch the video in any other third party player is not the legitimate way. Though there are plenty of tricks to do that.

How to Download Videos from YouTube in Laptop or Desktop?

Downloading YouTube videos is not that simple as you think. Since the feature is not provided by YouTube itself, you need to use any other third party software or apps.

You can use following third party software and apps to download YouTube videos in Laptop or Desktop. Though using third party software or apps is against YouTube policy. And they timely check and block such kinds of software or apps. You may find below apps and software sites to download YouTube videos.

You can use this above website and easily get the videos from YouTube. Simply visit and paste the video URL in the box. Site will fetch the video information. While video information is displaying, you can choose the format and quality. And then click on the download button. Save the video to your desired location on your desktop or Laptop.

How to download videos from youtube /Save from Net Image

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Yet another online video download site. You can also use this site in a similar way like Savefrom.Net. It also has the similar interface. And you just need to put an URL and get the video on your laptop or desktop.

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Beside above two sites, you may find other tons of sites that claim to download the videos. But many of them do not work properly. Those two sites are still working till the time of this blog writing.

How to Download Videos from YouTube in Mobile

The best way to download and watch offline YouTube videos in mobile is to download in official mobile app.

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