How to use Google Sheet subtract formula?

Google Sheet is an awesome tool. Anyone who plays a lot of number tricks would love it. You can use Google Sheet to almost all calculations. It makes Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division easier along with the complex formula calculations. Google Sheet subtract formula can be used to have different subtractions. It is similar to the Microsoft Excel, but the first time user may find it a little bit different than the Microsoft Excel. Here we are trying to simplify the formula process in Google Sheet.

Google Sheet Subtract Formula Featured

Adding and subtracting is a basic function in Google Sheet. It is pretty much similar to the Microsoft Excel. However, there are some technical different and some formula different in between Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

Google Sheet subtract formula for different calculations.

We can use Google Sheets for different numerical calculations. These calculations include simple numbers to date and time etc. I am trying to describe each one separately below.

Using the minus ( – ) Sign

One of the simplest way to do addition and subtraction in any spreadsheet is using the plus and minus signs. So, it is a good choice to use the minus sign for the Google Sheet subtract formula.

To use the minus sign for subtraction, simply type or write a following formula in the cell you want to have the subtraction.

= 400-200

minus sign formula screenshot
Screenshot of Google Sheet using MINUS(-) sign.

You can also use the minus sign to subtract the value between two cells. You can simply use a cell address in place of numbers.

= A3-B3

subtract formula for cell address screenshot
Screenshot of Google Sheet using MINUS(-) sign for cell value

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Using the MINUS function.

This one is different from the Microsoft Excel formula. While you can not use this formula on Microsoft Excel, you are easy to go on Google Sheet with this formula. This probably seems interesting.


using Minus function screenshot
Screenshot of Google Sheet using MINUS function

You can also use this MINUS function to subtract the value in two separate cells.


using Minus Function cell value screenshot
Screenshot of Google Sheet subtract multiple cells using MINUS function


Google Sheet is an awesome tool. The above tutorial will help you with how to subtract multiple numbers in Google Sheets. It also help you with subtraction in different column and rows as well. Try using Google Sheets and you will love it. If you need any additional queries regarding Google Sheets formula, comment down below.

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