Google Fonts Download and Install Easily on Your Computer.

Google is awesome. Its services are perfect. Google fonts are the finest collection of web fonts to use in your web application. You may also want to use the same fonts on your office documents, desktop computer and many other documents in your organization. And yes you can do it. There is just a simple steps for Google fonts download and installing on your computer.

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What is Google Web Fonts ?

Google web fonts are the finest collection of fonts. And another finest thing is the powerful Google server is hosting the collection. These fonts look gorgeous on the web pages. It has great readability than the other common typefaces because the fonts are specially designed for the web pages. You can easily use fonts any of your commercial projects. Since the fonts have almost copy left licencing and distributed with Open Font Licence.

Since the fonts are special for web application, its very easy to use and embed in any web application. You just need to write up few lines of CSS links on your HTML documents and you are done. And there are no any developer who is not familiar with this process. Almost all the website and web application are using Google fonts nowadays.

Google Fonts Download and Install on Your Computer.

Although Google fonts are special for websites and web application, you may also use these fonts on your desktop application. Its a very easy process. As simple as you download other free fonts from the internet. Just follow the below steps if you have no any idea.

Step 1:

Simply visit the Google fonts directory “” on your browser.

You will see the following screen.

Google fonts download main screen

Step 2:

Select the fonts you want to download.

Click that Plus (+) sign next to font in order to add font collection as shown in the below picture.

Google fonts download select font image

You can select multiple best Google fonts and download all the fonts at once.

Step 3:

Click on the “Family Selected” right at the bottom of your browser. Example shown in the picture below

Google fonts download selected font image

Step 4:

After you click on the Family Selected the following dialogue box appears.

Google fonts download click download image

Simply click on the download arrow.

Now Google fonts download will begin and your font collection will be downloaded in a ZIP format. Simply unzip and install the fonts you want on your computer. To install the fonts you can drag TTF fonts file to your font folder. Or you can just double click on the font file.

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Since, Google fonts are designed specially for the web, you must know how to use Google fonts.  While using it for the documents on your desktop and sending it by email, you must either send font file or embed it on the document itself.

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