Best Camera Android Apps to Take Awesome Photos.

Camera is the primary need for any smartphone user. And the default camera app may not be that handy to take awesome photos. Though most of the smartphone manufacturer claim that they have best camera on their device. But if you are not liking what you are getting by default, Here’s the list of best camera android apps. And I am pretty much sure that you will love the list.

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The List of Best Camera Android Apps

While making the list, I am trying all my best to test the app and list theme here. But somehow, if I miss something that is great, please do include them in the comment section below. Or you can directly write me on my contact page.

And before starting the list,

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Camera MX

Camera MX is the popular camera apps that many people use it. Furthermore it is the full fledged camera phone specially for the android users. It has lot of creative scope and no annoying ads in between. This Camera MX is one of the most trusted camera app in the play store.

Download Camera MX here

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is the premium camera app. And it is one of the best camera android apps in the play store. It is the professional level photography app. It has both free and the paid version. Free version comes as the Camera FV-lite. With the Camera FV-5 app user gets the DSLR like manual controls which makes it amazing app and also the best DSLR camera app for android.

Download Camera FV-5  here

Candy Camera

Candy camera is specially for selfies. Having the variety of filters and also the different stickers and makeup tools make it awesome app. Though the UI is bit harder at the beginning. It also incorporates the collage mode. The silent mode makes it one of the best camera android apps in the Play Store. Free to download but sometime annoying ads too.

Download Candy Camera  here

Google Camera

This is a very nice camera. Initially it was available for every android device running KitKat and above. But now it only supports Googles Nexus and Pixel phone.

Open Camera

This full feature camera is popular camera for the real photographers. This camera is completely open source and you will not have to suffer from the in app advertising bump. It also supports the external microphone. HDR photography with lot of manual controls. This app is useful for both video and still photography.

Download Open Camera  here


Cymera is one of the older camera apps for the android in the Play Store. It has the general popular features like stickers, filters etc. in a different manner. So it is also considered the best camera android app in the store.

Download Cymera  here

Camera 360

Camera 360 is the beauty camera which is most popular among one of the free camera apps. It has more than 800 millions of users world wide. One can use this beauty camera to make photography even cool. It has all the mainstream features including filters and stickers. It also has the little editing tools which you can use and trick your photos furthermore.

Download Camera 360 here

Z Camera

Yet another best camera android apps in the Play Store. A selfie camera with full of beauty option. It has tons of magical effects with different styles. Funny face swap features. And also the special collage features. Z camera is growing over and over in the beauty camera users community.

Download Z Camera here

Footej Camera

Very new camera app in comparison to other app mentioned here in this blog. Footej camera app is user friendly having the better UI and robust technology. It has both free and premium version. And uin the premium version one can get more enhanced features.

Download Footej Camera here


If you have not yet heard about Retrica camera app, you are way behind. This camera app is pretty much popular among the beauty camera users. It has got 100 plus camera filters for different occasion. Use different stickers, doodles, stamps and maybe even more coming up. Probably, the Retrica camera app is the one to start the trend of beauty camera.

Download Retrica here


Though I tried to post some of the best camera app for android free download. Maybe I miss out some others. If so, I humbly request you to comment down below in the comment box. I will check it and try to update the list as necessary.

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