5 common Apple music problems and their solutions in 2022

Perusing the Apple support community, you are bound to come across users complaining about the Apple Music application. There are certain common Apple music problems. Some may encounter problems with playing the downloaded files or the Apple Music Library disappearing. Others face issues like the app getting stuck or freezing. 

Depending on this application for streaming music, it can be frustrating when the app stops functioning. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the most common Apple Music problems and quickly fix them. 

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The App is not Working 

Apple Music not working is a common problem and the most annoying one. It may refuse to load, and the reasons may vary from a glitch with cloud syncing and macOS infected with a bug to cached music files working incorrectly. If the Apple Music servers are affected, you must wait for the problem to sort out. Sometime the problem is your unstable Internet connection, you need to talk to your ISP or check your Wi-Fi. 

If Apple Music is not working, you can try restarting your Mac and updating the cloud library. You can test your Internet and ensure it isn’t faulty. For a more detailed guide on fixing this issue, click https://setapp.com/how-to/apple-music-not-working.

The Apple Music library is not loading 

Is Apple Music stuck in loading the library? It would be best if you had an Internet connection to view some of the sections in the app’s library. So, ensure your Internet connection is stable. If it is faulty, you need to fix that. You can disconnect from the Wi-Fi network and try reconnecting again. You can also restart your device and try loading the library. 

If it still doesn’t work, you can log out of your Apple ID account connected with Apple Music. Then, log back in. Alternatively, you can Force Quit the application and restart it. 

The Song is Unavailable 

Users encounter problems like the song is not available, or the item cannot be played. There can be several reasons for this problem. For instance, you might not be connected to the iCloud Music Library, changes have been made to the playlist or album of the artist, or you are trying to listen to a song with explicit content or one that is unavailable in your region/country. 

The problem can be fixed by switching off the iCloud Music Library and then turning it back on. You can also sign out of your Apple ID and log back in. You can consider changing the country to the original one where you purchased the music. 

If you want to listen to explicit content and cannot access it because of restrictions, you need to disable the restrictions. On your iOS device, tap on Settings > tap Screen Time > tap Content and Privacy Restrictions > tap to uncheck the Restrictions. 

On your Mac, head to Menu > click System Preferences > select Screen Time > choose Content & Privacy > choose Content > click to Disable Content & Privacy Restrictions. 

The Music Library has Disappeared 

If the Apple Music library has disappeared, it might be because the Show Apple Music option is disabled, the iCloud Music Library is disabled, or the Music application has been removed from your system. These are some of the situations where the library might not be visible. 

If the app is removed from your device, you need to download the application again. It is important to note that if the app has been deleted, all the downloaded songs will be removed. So, when you reinstall the application, you will not get access to the songs you previously downloaded. You have to download them again. 

Next, you can navigate to Settings > click on Music and ensure that the Show Apple Music option is turned on. You must also turn on the iCloud Music Library option to ensure it is always visible. 

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The Songs are being Skipped 

Some users have the complain of experiencing the problem of skipping the songs randomly during playback. The app plays half of the track and then jumps to the next song. You must check if the skipped songs are playable or available in the library. If you find these songs greyed out, it means they are inaccessible, and that’s why the app isn’t playing them. 

You can check your network restriction to see if the songs being played contain explicit content. If restrictions are enabled, it might be the reason why the songs are being skipped. 

You can also try disabling the iCloud Music Library and then re-enabling it to check if the problem is solved. 

The Bottom Line 

Finally, to sum up, These are some of the fixes to the most common Apple Music problems. If you encounter issues with this app, you can remove and reinstall it. Sometime problems exist even you try all these fixes. In addition you may have other problems in your iPhone or something. You probably need to consult the expertise in this scenario.

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