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Top 5 popular shopping sites and online stores in Nepal.

Online stores in Nepal are rapidly growing. Few years back there were very few online shopping sites in Nepal. But in a recent years, the numbers are growing. Though, the likes of Amazon, Best Buy, Ali Express are not in the country, “Daraz” is backed up by Alibaba. Payment gateways that is essential for online stores are easily available too. Maybe the reason online shopping sites in Nepal are increasing in numbers.

Top online stores in Nepal.


Daraz is in the top of the list of popular online store in Nepal. This has probably created the online habit in the country. It all started as Kaymu back in couple of years and grew there after. Daraz not only present in the Nepal but also in the Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Myanmar as well. So, they call it South Asia’s premier online marketplace. Daraz offers more than 2 millions of products from different sellers. Daraz is now a part of Alibaba group since 2018. It grew in such a manner that people take online shopping as synonyms to Daraz.


Muncha is the oldest online stores in Nepal. However, Daraz seems overtaking it in terms of popularity. It is more popular among Nepali people residing abroad. It all started for the people there to send gifts to their beloved ones in Nepal. And it still does the gift items. It is more popular to the people of Nepal residing abroad. Muncha existed before Daraz online shopping. Since it is more concern towards people abroad, it did not grow its customer based in Nepal. Though in recent time people in Nepal also started using it.

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Yet another online shopping site in Nepal. Sastodeal started in December, 2011. The site commits to bring the cheap deal mostly. So, the word “sasto” is attached with the name. They have customers all over the country and the large number of vendors. This is also an online stores and acts as a marketplace like Daraz. It is also rumored that it is about to bring the biggest change in Nepali online marketplace. Probably they are bringing in the Indian online marketplace Flipkart in Nepal. Though we will have to just wait and watch.

As it is said earlier in this blog post, Sastodeal is here with the special deal with flipkart products. You can check the products in this link Flipkart products at Sastodeal


This is another and one of the top online shopping sites in Nepal. This site believes in quality rather than the cheap price. They have explained it in their about section. They are new in the eCommerce business in Nepal but they are doing good. Socheko.com is promoted by the elite business groups in Nepal and believe in the customer satisfaction. Thus they call it quality than the cheaper price tag.


Next big thing in the context of online shopping sites in Nepal. Gajabko online is the next online shopping destination for Nepal. Like other this site also offer a wide range of products across the country. They all want is to become the leading shopping portal in Nepal. But the challenges are high as other in the list are giving the tough competition.

Some more online store in Nepal.

Online shopping is increasing everyday world wide and Nepal can not be exception. There are plenty of online store in Nepal. And the number is only increasing. Those above online stores are quite popular among others. However, Daraz is the leading online store in the country. If you know any other shopping sites in Nepal, please do mention in the comment section below.

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