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10 Best Google chrome extension that will make the browsing awesome.

Internet has been something that is inevitable and web browsing is part of that. There are lot more options when it comes to the web browsers. Google chrome is one of the best one. Since Google chrome has rich extensions, it’s popularity is right at the top than the others. Best Google chrome extension will make your browsing awesome. Here are some of the awesome chrome extension you should definitely try.

Best Google Chrome Extension

 1. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is the most popular ad blocker. Installed over 100 million and plus shows its popularity. But it supports unobtrusive ads by not unblocking them. Though it is configurable to block the unobtrusive ads. It is useful for the clean surf of the website without any advertisements.

2. Save To Pocket

As the name suggests, its a pocket for all the information that you may want to read later. Save to pocket is the extensions which lets you save the articles directly from the chrome. The articles will sync automatically to multiple devices. You can view and read it later in any device. Most amazingly it works even when you are not connected to the internet.

3. LastPass

LastPass probably is the top notch password manager. Remembering all the password you need is tricky. LastPass consequently does it for you. This award winning password manager is one of the best google chrome extension. And it is also available for most of the operating systems and the browsers. You just have to remember one master password and rest you can put it in the LastPass. LastPass will auto login via chrome browser.

4. Google Dictionary

Another best Google chrome extension. And this extension is from the Google. Google Dictionary is handy tool because it helps you with the meanings of the words. While surfing on the net you may find lots of words hard to understand. But with the help of this extension, you can easily find out the meaning. Just select the word and click the extension. It will popup with the answer.

5. Session Buddy

You may have no idea, how useful is this chrome extension. I reckon this extension as one of the best Google Chrome extension. You can manage your bookmarks and tabs while on the go. It is more useful if you open multiple set of tabs and accidentally close them at all. Later on you can simply search the session buddy for your session and reopen the same specific tabs.

6. Imagus

Imagus is yet another productive Chrome extension which lets user to view the enlarged images on any web pages. It is extremely useful to those who need image scraping. Using this simple tools one can see the higher resolution image of any thumbnails or any small size images. And its popularity has grown over similar kind of other extension like Hover zoom or Hover free.

7. Deskun

If you are a avid Gmail user and regularly send the email then this extension is for you. This extension helps to schedule the emails. It also has the ability to snooze the incoming mails. It can also be used as the complete help desk system if you opt for the paid option.

8. FbDown Video Downloader

This extension is most useful one if you tend to download videos from different websites. Yes you can download videos from all other websites using this extension. Since the version 4.0 updates and above, lots of bugs are fixed. It has newly redesigned popup for the easier UI and UX. So if you are a more down loader type web user, this is the must have extension.

9. Honey

Web surfing nowadays is not only restricted to finding some content online. It is also making the everyday lifestyle easier. People use internet more often to buy something online. If you are an online shoppers, than this extension is helpful to find out the coupon code and discount code automatically. While checking out just click on the honey button, it will automatically apply any codes available to your shopping cart.

10. Lightshot (Screenshot Tool)

Simple and convenient screenshot tool ever. Also the fastest one to take the screenshot. Just select an area and capture it from your screen. Very simple and light weight as well. You can also instantly share the screenshot with an ease. Save your screenshot on your local drive or upload instantly on the cloud. Edit the screenshot in place. Nothing useless. Must try out of any best Google chrome extension available around.

If you find any other chrome extension useful and must have, do let me know below in the comment section.

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