I am an IT geek. I love technology. Most of the time I am making the web easier. I hover the internet to search how the technology can advance the business and also the people’s life.

What I do - Suman Gaudel


WordPress is the software to create the website. More than 30% websites use WordPress to power the online presence.

I create beautiful websites using WordPress.
I Fix the WordPress powered websites.
I manage the WordPress powered websites.


I am sure Google does not need any introduction. It’s the synonyms for the internet.

I Practice Google Search Engine Optimization.
I practice Google Search Engine Marketing.
I list the business on the Google My Business.
I practice Adwords campaign, Analytics and more from the Google’s database.

Social Media

Social Media like Facebook and Twitter has changed the entire dot-com lifestyle.

I lead the social media managing and handling Social Media for business and individual.
I manage Social Media Marketing to generate the lead.


Just giving my fingers a little bit extra exercise. Blogging was never my passion but its turning out to be an interesting one. Maybe the reason I have become more choosy to accept my regular workflow.