I am an IT geek. I love technology. Most of the time I am making the web easier. I hover the internet to search how the technology can advance the business and also the people’s life.

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WordPress creates beautiful websites. And I love it. I have created almost more than hundreds websites. And now resting my brain to understand more WP tricks I would say. Though I may not developing sites, I still have some projects for my friends and closed ones. I am fixing and managing those projects in a friendly manner.

The blog here also on WordPress
Our company Nepsify express the thoughts at Nepsify Blog using WordPress.
So WordPress still gives me my livelihood earnings and it will in coming days too.


Who needs a Google introduction. It’s almost the synonyms for the internet. And so is for me.

I am the Google contributor. As a Google contributor one can not only expect $$ and rewards. At least not for me. Dream come true is when I get to visit the silicon valley office based on my works. Just hope to see my image soon on my Instagram feeds doing some rusty stuff in silicon valley. But sorry I will never migrate there.

Social Media

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has changed the entire dot-com lifestyle. Online marketing strategy and content marketing is the key for any new businesses.

I lead the social media managing and handling Social Media for business and individual.
I manage Social Media Marketing to generate the lead. I also do the SEO stuff using the Social Media.


Just giving my fingers a little bit extra exercise. Blogging was never my passion but its turning out to be an interesting one. Maybe the reason I have become more choosy to accept my regular workflow. And I am loving blogging. Blogging has given me some extra bucks when I don’t mind to put some affiliate links on my blog.


The journey at Nepsify started with the thoughts of helping peoples life. Another most handsome thought is to work for yourself. Yeah ! turning out to be an entrepreneur with this projects. The life at Nepsify has just begun and we hope to go biggie. I will definitely write about when its on the run.

Have something still in mind ? Visit my contact page  and drop it there. I will try to get into it ASAP. Thanks for bearing all my words.

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