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Ultimate step by step guide to start WordPress blog in 2019.


Updated on March 26, 2019

Do you want to start WordPress blog ? I understand starting a blog is not an easy task. And if you are not technically sound about WordPress, it extend your difficulties furthermore.. But you are not alone. There are tons of people who wants to start WordPress blog yet finds difficulties. Having created almost 100 plus sites over WordPress, I have decided to wrap up some easy to follow steps to create a WordPress blog.

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What do you need to start WordPress blog ?

Before starting a WordPress blog, you probably need to have the checklist that is required for WordPress Blog.

  1. A domain name:  Without the domain name it is almost impossible to create a blog. Domain name is your website name like google.com
  2. Web hosting: The next is the web hosting where you store all your files.
  3. WordPress Theme: Another major part to create blog using WordPress is a theme. You can use a lot of free themes from the repository. But having a premium theme makes the difference. And it does not cost too much.
  4. Time: You need almost 90 minutes of fully dedicated time.

And what next ?

Now you are ready to create a WordPress blog. And the below steps will give you the brief easy to understand step wise guidance.

Step 1: Get a domain name. Lets setup the domain name, also a website address at the very first step. But wait, you do not always need to buy the domain because some hosting company will provide it for free. Furthermore, if your hosting does not come with free domain, you can also buy it easily. You can buy the domain name from various websites but here are few popular websites list.

  1. Namecheap
  2. Google Domains
  3. domain.com
  4. Godaddy

Above all I mostly use Godaddy. Since I am quite familiar with their dashboard. And it seems like filling up few lines to buy domain from them.

While choosing hosting choose wisely

Step 2: The second step is to host your domain. You need hosting for your domain. Hosting is a computer or a place where you put all of your files. Like wise the domain, you can also get pretty much company providing hosting services. The list goes as below.

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostgator
  3. Godaddy
  4. Siteground
  5. Dreamhost

The list above can go on and on. You have noticed that I strongly did not recommend the company to buy a domain. But in addition to the hosting, I probably recommend you to choose wisely and strongly say that Dreamhost is the best till now. To be honest I have not tested Siteground. But I have terrible experience over Bluehost and most noteworthy worst experience with hostgator.


I am preparing and collecting the list of reasons so I can write a blog on the topic something like

“Why you should not buy hosting services from Hostgator.”

And I will also post a blog post

“Why Dreamhost hosting services are the best one in 2017.” Keep poping into my site furthermore.

Yeah I strongly recommend you Dreamhost. But keep in mind that I only recommend you what I am using. And to be honest I earn a bit commission, if you purchase using my referral links here in my website. But that does not cost you any extra charge.

Hosting completely rely on your budget. If you are a starter blog you can always start with the shared hosting service. And if you want a bit more and sure your new blog will drive traffic immediately, you can also opt in for the managed WordPress hosting.

Read my blog “Does Managed WordPress Hosting Handle Big Websites.” to know more about managed WordPress hosting.

Now give some time to setup your blog

Step 3: Once you sign up for the hosting, you will get cPanel username and password to manage everything inside your hosting. Now log in to the cPanel and install WordPress. You can always install WordPress manually. But I suggest you to choose the automatic process since you are a starter blogger. You need little bit of info to start automatic installation.

  1. Site name or Title
  2. Admin user name
  3. Admin Password

Now you are almost done to start WordPress blog.

Step 4: In a site name just type your site name. Its is also your blog name. The next option is admin user name and password. Using these you will manage your WordPress dashboard. Please keep in mind that you need strong username and password to stay safe from the hackers. Do not choose something like admin or prefixed or suffixed by admin as a username.

Step 5: After the installation of WordPress in your hosting, you are now ready to write some blog in your WordPress blog. Once automatic installation is complete on your hosting server, you will be taken to the login screen. You can also go to your login page simply typing yoursite.com/wp-admin. Type your admin username and password to go to your WordPress dashboard.

Your WordPress dashboard will look like this.

WordPress Dashboard Pic

On the left pane of the WordPress dashboard you can see Add New under the Post tab. Click on Add New and write your very first blog. After you finish writing the post, click on the Publish. Your first blog post is published and live now. you can visit your site and have a look at your blog and your first post.

Have a different design for your blog.

Your blog is ready and running. And you can always tweak with your blog design and functionality. If you wish to do so I always prefer MyThemeShop themes and some of the plugins as well. WordPress theme is what your blog looks like in the front end. It is always a good idea to use premium theme for your blog. Premium theme comes with better sustainability and productivity.

And as I already explained above that I always prefer what I have already tested. So, I insist you to choose MyThemeShop for your blog. They are good, fast and easy to setup. And they also come up with good after sales support.

You can read my blog post for one of their theme “Builders” review.

“Builders WordPress theme review. Quick and easy to create a site.”

Buy superb WordPress themes and plugins from MyThemeShop.

If you have any queries, please write it down in a comment box below. And even if you need any assistant to set up and start WordPress blog, I am always available as Happy to help blogger.

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