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How to Recharge Dish home. All Possible Steps Explained.

Digital television is the trend now a days. And Dish home is quite popular in context of Nepal. Many house holds are using Dish home as their TV provider. So its obvious that people may or may not be aware of how to recharge dish home? The top up is as important as the subscription. So here is the couple of list that you can use to recharge the Dish home TV subscription.

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How to recharge Dish home through SMS ?

SMS still is the best way to communicate in our country. Hence SMS recharge is popular. To recharge through SMS, you need to have the recharge card. Buy a recharge card from your nearest Dish home dealer scratch it and recharge your Dish home package.

Same process applies for “How to recharge Dish home from Ncell
and “How to recharge Dish home from NTC

Steps to recharge:

  1. Get a recharge card from nearest Dish home dealer or any Dish home sales point.
  2. Scratch the card and get ready.
  3. Find out your CAS id or Customer id. CAS id is located behind the set top box or you can also view the CAS id simply by pressing the CAS button on your Dish home remote.  Your CAS id looks like N **** **** ** * its a 11 digit number followed by N. Remember you only need those 11 digit number.
  4. Now go to the mobile message box.
  5. Type RCH<space>11 digit CAS id<space>Recharge card pin no. and send it to 32500
  6. Yo will simply receive the message that your account has been recharged.

Watch video on Dish home recharging through SMS

How to recharge Dish home using digital wallet like eSewa and Khalti ?

The terms cashless is pretty popular in the technology world. Using which you can have multiple transaction online. You do not have to carry the physical cash bundle. For the purpose you can use the digital wallet like eSewa and Khalti.

And the best part of using the digital wallet like them is that you may get cash back on every recharge. Almost all of the digital wallet offers the cash back.

Steps on Khalti digital wallet:

Khalti is one of the most popular digital wallet provider. Its been around couple of years for the Khalti and it already has the decent number of users. One can easily make payments using Khalti for various services. Dish home is one of them. Follow the following instruction to recharge Dish home using Khalti.

  1. Login to Khalti mobile app or Khalti web app. If you are new user you need to sign up and load fund in your app.
  2. You will see the Dish home icon on the home screen. Choose or tap on it.
  3. Enter the CAS id and tap on get details.
  4. You will see your details after you enter the CAS id. If its ok proceed further and choose the amount to recharge.
  5. Tap or select on ‘Make payment’.
  6. Your payment is successful now. And you will instantly get the cash back.

Khalti digital wallet is providing 2% instant cash back offer as of now.

Watch the video steps for the same here

How to recharge Dish home from eSewa ?

eSewa is probably the first of its kind in the digital payment system. You can also use it to pay for your Dish home service using eSewa digital wallet system. Please follow the below procedure.

  1. Login to your eSewa wallet mobile app or web app. And if you are new to eSewa you need to sign up for the eSewa account.
  2. After signing in, search Dish home from the dashboard. While you may also find the Dish home icon on the home screen.
  3. Tap or select on it.
  4. You will need to provide the CAS id here. Provide the same and tap or click on proceed.
  5. You will get the details of you Dish home services. Please make sure its your and select the amount to recharge.
  6. After selecting the amount tap or click on make payment. Your payment will be made instantly.

How to recharge Dish home from other countries ?

If you are living in the other country than the Nepal, you can recharge your Dish home here in Nepal using your Visa or Master card or even with Paypal account.

Simply visit onlinerechargecard.com

and choose Dish home, Provide CAS id or Chip id then follow the onscreen process.

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There are different Dish home recharge package.  And you can get some Dish home credit according to your need and top up it for continue service.

You can also use some other payment providers like IME PAY, PRAVU PAY etc to recharge Dish home. If you know other than that please mention them in the comment down below.

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