You can not be unlucky for 20 years.

It was not tough luck in saff championship semi final against Afghanistan. You can not play like this and blame luck for the result. Our Nepali team has been playing in this manner as far as I know.  If you can not convert even a single shot out of 9 into a goal its your technicalities not luck. One thing is also sure luck favors the brave not the looser.
This time our nepali football team has shattered our dreams. All the time when our team looses the matches, there is ready made answer  like opponent has better facilities, better luck etc. etc. Its not necessary to make any excuses, all the players deserve the respect and they should as they are the finest football player of our country. It might be just a game for players but it was everything for 30 millions people. it could have brought smiles in the current situation for all nepalies. But the bull shit happened and all the smiles turned into saggy. Now its time to move on and preparedd for the next, build up midfield, I still believe substitution of Raju Tamang was unnoticed fact where we lost the match. He is the one who is always prefered for penalty shot and rarely he had miss shot till date. We need to search the player like Bimal Gharti Magar so that our bench strength would be perfect. We always hope next time it will be better but this way we are never going to win. We need change in different way. I love Nepali football, always there chering, always there supporting even in the loss. But lets not make any excuses, No luck factor, and please no killing of innocent animals. Just come back strongly with build up midfield, powerfull striker with bullet shot and offcourse focus on the game and play according to the opponent.

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