Beautiful Ruby on Rails 4.0.

Ruby on Rails is a beautiful framework or web development tool which has powered up GitHub, Twitter and many more apps around the world. Since the arrival of Rails 4.0, it has brought killer apps to the web.
Rails just keeps on changing. Both Rails 3 and 4, as well as Ruby 1.9 and 2.0, bring hundreds of improvements, including new APIs and substantial performance enhancements. The fourth edition of this award-winning classic has been reorganized and refocused so it’s more useful than ever before for developers new to Ruby and Rails.
Rails 4 introduces a number of user-facing changes, and the ebook has been updated to match all the latest changes and new best practices in Rails. This includes full support for Ruby 2.0, controller concerns, Russian Doll caching, strong parameters, Turbolinks, new test and bin directory layouts, and much more.
Learning curve for Rail is not so easy, A person already into a programming may not find it tough but any newbies can get into the tough part of it.

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