2013 wraps up, no special resolution for 2014.

It’s cold outside, may be not enough since the new year 2014 heating it and you want to cuddle and talk about your feelings or life in 2013. Not merely, after getting married its a tough transition… so why not just cut to the chase and move forward?  It’s hip.It’s cool. Life is always moving forward. Once were the time you get to wear clothing that wouldn’t normally be socially acceptable, you bunk the college and be at the dive bar with the 100 bucks beer and a 5 bucks cigarette smoke. You jump, you cry, you hang up loud and do almost everything you want. Eff it. YOLO. You only do once. This is the lesson that year 2013 has made me learnt.
New year 2014 is on its way, I have no any resolution to make. Life will move ahead and get its pace. Only a thing that will drive my life is pace. No matter whatever and wherever you stuck, keep moving at your pace.If I am truly eternal, then I must grow, learn, travel, party, cuddle, read, explore. Do. Freaking. Something… other than not moving at my own pace. 2014 will also be  tough year. There will be ups and downs, laughs and sobs, awesome adventures and deep regrets.  For that reason, no special resolution.

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