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Want traffic to your site, Neil Patel can help.


Creating a website is not a big deal nowadays. But getting the decent amount of traffic to your site is. A lot of people try different things to get the traffic to the website. There are tons of sites who claim to teach you how to get a traffic. There are peoples who claim to do that as well. Neil Patel is one of them. By the way, I am usually following up his advice to generate the traffic to the sites that I am working on.

I have been reading Neil Patel Since a couple of months ago and trying to focus on what he describes deeply on his site neilpatel.com.

To be honest, I don’t consider myself a pro blogger, as I am still learning to write a good blog post. I am a professional WordPress developer and Google Services expert and I was doing so for the last couple of years.

You can read details  about me  here,

and if you want to check what I can do you can check so in my works section.

As a WordPress developer, I did not have to go through a lot of hassle to build a site. I just register a domain then  got the hosting. I always prefer HOSTGATOR for everything when it comes to hosting. Then I had to go for a theme as I build the sites using WordPress. I did a lot of research for a single theme that I wanted to use on my site. Finally, I choose Schema from MyThemeShop. You may wonder why I choose it.

You can check the complete feature of MyThemeShop Schema Theme here

Now I had the site and I also did some blog posting but I was struggling with the traffic for the website. Then I came to know about Neil Patel.

Who Is Neil Patel?

In a simple sense, Neil Patel is the digital marketer and analytics junkie. He is an entrepreneur and biggest influencer on the web. He is helping businesses to grow revenue.

How did I get the benefits from Neil Patel?

To be honest, I have not tried his direct services yet. Though I have used his tools on neilpatel.com to analyze the SEO for my site. I am satisfied with the results so far. I have corrected the errors reported by the tools and the result is good.

Finally, As I have mentioned that I am a newbie blogger. I am trying to get decent traffic to my website. I do follow a lot of tricks and idea for it. One of them is Neil Patel tricks. I read his every blog post and try to use the idea mentioned there. The result is improving every day. I hope I will reach on to my target soon.

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