Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Whats hot and whats not, an overview.

Updated 03-Sep-2016

Samsung has confirmed that the leading smartphone company is recalling its latest innovation Samsung Galaxy Note 7.  Recalling is due to the reports of explosions on some of the devices.  This is what a best company can do. Having the technical problem is part of the business. Top form company always ensure the customer satisfaction.

Ever since the smartphone giant company Samsung revealed its latest model Samsung Galaxy Note 7, there’s a lot more happening around its specs. The device was launched on August 2, 2016. But I got a chance to have it on yesterday. The first look of any smartphone is obviously great. When I had it on my hand, its good. Its curved screen is the first to impress. The gorilla glass 5 makes feel nice for the hand to hold the device. The gorilla glass has both nice feel and protective. The overall first impression was awesome.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Then I went on to explore the device. Samsung has been building big screen phone in a small size. When you switch on the device you feel that. The screen ratio to the body size is more. This makes the big screen size phone looks smaller. I have heard the 5.7-inch display phone is smaller than the other phone in its class. I must say now, its cent percent true.

The article written by Dan Seifert on THE VERGE says its a best big phone. Read the entire article on the verge

Yep ! it’s a best big phone. Having the bigger screen of 5.7 inches and still smaller to hold on. In comparison to other big screen size phone, it is very sleek and simple. I find this phone better than its previous edition. Note 5 and Note 4 were the previous editions.

Galaxy Note 7 Iris Scanner

Samsung’s Latest technology in Galaxy Note 7, It simply adds the extra layer of security to your phone

Here are some hot features of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  1. A sleek and curved design which makes the phone to make it fit in a single hand.
  2. Dust and Water resistant IP68 ratings
  3. Great camera features which can take you a brighter and smarter photos even in a low light.
  4. The new iris scanner, Samsung’s latest technology, and a new trick to add an extra layer of security to the phone.
  5. Big 3500 Mah battery not to let you run out of the power.
  6. Improved and increased internal memory. Now the base internal memory is 64 Gigs.

What is really not hot in Samsung Galaxy Note 7

  1. The main thing I don’t like about Samsung mobile phone is external card slot. I feel storage should be inbuilt in the phone.
  2. The second thing I feel is the RAM, I believe the RAM should have been 6GB though 4GB gives you the superior performance.

Overall the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is worth buying and gives you the full value.


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