Android VS IOS which is the best OS for smartphone? My take on it.

Android Vs IOS, it might probably be the inappropriate choice of debate. But I think its worthy to have some short of lines on Android and IOS. Lets start with Android first.

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What Android does better than IOS ?

  1. The very basic, user experience. The UI of android is way better than the IOS. Even the IOS lover agree on it. For example the notification center in android is much organized. You can easily swipe to remove the notification. You can also expand the bundled notification. And with the android O update you can also snooze the notification.
  2. The multitasking is the another feature that android does better than IOS. You can open app in split window and quickly navigate from one app to another. Where as in IOS you dont even find a way to close all the app in once.
  3. When you are lining up the words for android vs IOS, you can not ignore Google Assistant vs Siri fact. Even an iPhone die hard should agree that Google Assistant has the better result than Siri. GA has better voice recognition and better context based result.
  4. Customization is the another fact that Android can have better hand over IOS. You can customize the each and every aspect of your Android. Be it the complete launcher or the simple interface. Where as IOS does restrict the customization to its basic.
  5. There are some other features that you are not going to find in an IOS. Lock or hide app, fingerprint gesture and ability to set default app.
  6. And rooting community is way more active than the jail breaking community. If you are an advance user this fact might also be the reason that you likely to switch to android.
  7. Last but not the least you don’t have to use iTunes each and every time.

IOS also has some advantages over Android.

  1. Firstly lets talk about the interface. IOS has the very simple interface and that is very pleasing to the eyes.
  2. IOS stick to the strict UI guidelines so even the third party apps are consistent. Unlike in Android apps don’t match to the design language.
  3. When you are discussing Android Vs IOS, you can not ignore the update. Soon the apple releases the update you will immediately get it. In the android you won’t get the update as the Google releases.
  4. The control center is improving with every update of an IOS. The back gesture of IOS is amazing.
  5. You don’t have to worry about any malware. Every one knows that IOS as prety strict to the application installed on it. This is why this Os seems to be malware free.
  6. Though you might not disagree that more apps are available on Android, the best apps are initially launched on IOS than move on to Android. For example Instagram, Pokemon go or snap chat and the list can go on and on.
  7. Finally, you probably get the edge advantages of carrying a device with an apple symbol. That might give you the slight status advantages.

Android Vs IOS: the conclusion

As I have already mentioned above that Android Vs IOS debate may seem a bit inappropriate. Both the OS are best in their category. It depends at what condition you chose Android and IOS. To drop this I would end up with this bottom line.

If you want a better notification control, better customization and more choices then go for Android. If you want the stability then go for IOS.


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