Real Life Inspirational Stories That I Follow, When I am Down.

The life is always awesome for me. I am always a positive person and I have been so for my entire life so far. My friends often ask me what really drives me so positive? I simply smile and reply “I have an O positive blood”. This is not the real case. Ater all, I am a human being and there are times I do feel down. Hence, I look for some sorts of real life inspirational stories.

Real Life Inspirational Stories

Being an IT guy  [Read About Me] I mostly search the inspirations over the internet. The Internet has been the number one source for almost anything. Well, TedX Talks, Ink Talks, Josh Talks these are in my favorite sources of videos. While I am not in any serious job, I usually surf them. Even you are ok with everything these videos are worth watching. But here I am focusing on those videos which probably mean a lot and add more power of confident when I am feeling down

1. Shristi KC One of the great real life inspirational stories.

This video is amazing and I find this girl most inspirational. Because of her attitude and the presence of mind, I take this video most inspirational in my life. This video probably was shot during the “MA MOVEMENT” in Kathmandu. Despite being a visually impaired girl, she has an outstanding gut. She defines here how she overcome the challenges and moving towards her goal. Hence, whenever I feel a bit low, I just watch this video and geared up.

2. Jeevushu Ahluwalia awesome laughter “prenure”

The life is a beautiful journey. While you are travelling to this journey, you must learn to accept yourself to the fullest. No matter whatever happens in your life you must find that one thing which keeps you going. This guy is a stand-up comedian and tells you his bummers in the life.

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