iPhone 12 price in Nepal and where you can buy in Nepal ?

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Apple and iPhone have different charm not only in Nepal but also around the world. The latest one from iPhone are iPhone pro and iPhone pro max. Both the devices are available in Nepal now. You can buy them if you are willing. You can also get them on installment procedure. Keep on reading this post about iPhone 12 price in Nepal and the location where you can to buy it.

Specification overview of iPhone 12.

Iphones are always skeptical about its design and especially for its camera. They are popular as they are the best not only in camera sections but also in terms of everything. Take a look at the quick overview below.

Build quality and design

iPhone 12 are made up with the stainless steel frame that is of surgical grade premium quality. The new iPhones are inspired by the old iPhone 4 design. The device is IP68 rated. Hence you can say iPhone 12 pro max is the water and dust resistance device. 

The processor or chipset

iPhone 12 is equipped with A14 BIONIC chipset. This chipset is super fast with 5G capability. It is a six core 64 bit CPU. Apple claims it is 50% faster than any other CPU in the market. It has got a great graphic engine which makes photos or graphics super stunning. The CPU has a great gaming console as well which makes gaming experiences super.


Camera on the iphone is always an added advantage. You may not wonder if you hear people buying iPhone just for a camera shake. It has 12 MP, f/1.6 and 26MM focal and wide camera. 5X optical zoom, and DSLR like image stabilization. With this sensor shifting technology, the camera lense moves according to the device movement and gives you blur free images. 


Battery is something that iPhone users used to make some owes. But this iPhone 12 pro max uses 3687 mAH battery with 20 watt adapter fast charging capability. Please note that you have to buy an adaptor separately. The Apple iPhone 12 pro max box only contains the type c cable for charging. So, you have to buy an adapter separately.  This iPhone also supports wireless charging capability. 

The above video is from Apple itself. They are always willing to give something new and techy to their customers every time they launch a new iPhone. This iPhone 12 series comes with the IOS 14 and new updates in future.

iPhone 12 price in Nepal.

iPhone 12 modelsOfficial Price in NPR
iPhone 12 64GBNPR 133,900
iPhone 12 128GBNPR 141,900
iPhone 12 256GBNPR 157,900
iPhone 12 pro 128GBNPR 169,900
iPhone 12 pro 256GBNPR 186,900
iPhone 12 pro 512GBNPR 219,900
iPhone 12 pro max 128GBNPR 185,900
iPhone 12 pro max 256GBNPR 202,900
iPhone 12 pro max 512GBNPR 235,900

Is iPhone 12 price in Nepal affordable ?

Probably not for the normal people. Therefore, the flagship phones like iPhones are available in the installment. If you wish to buy iPhone in installment, visit one of the stores mentioned below and consult. iPhones are considered expensive device. It is certainly not easily affordable in the country like Nepal. So, Apple has also recognized the fact and maybe they have come up with the iPhone 12 mini version.

iPhone 12 mini price in Nepal.

iPhone 12 mini modelsOfficial price in NPR
iPhone 12 mini 64GBNPR 117,900
iPhone 12 mini 128GBNPR 125,900
iPhone 12 mini 256GBNPR 141,900

Where to buy iPhones in Nepal ?

There are bunch of online stores in Nepal. But all of them are not selling iPhone. Many people are confused that iPhone 12 price in Nepal 2021 will be revised. Since Apple company claims no officially authorized stores in Nepal. There are few stores which you can trust. And they are the only authorized stores for Apple products in Nepal. You can also opt them for an installment and they will guide you to the process. Check the list to buy iPhones in Nepal.


There are some other stores who claim to be authorized reseller for Apple product. But I strongly recommend you visit these two store or order them online visiting their websites. The experience is good with them. You can find many mobile stores near you selling iPhone. I do not say they are cheating but be cautious and think more, you are buying an iPhone not an ordinary one. Spending more than one lakh needs special attention. Good luck with your iPhone.

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