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How To Use New Snapchat Like A Champ Even You Are A Beginner.

Snapchat grew just from an app to a huge social media platform where you can broadcast your life happenings and watch others from a wide range of sources. This Snapchat recently got the major updates in its UX/ UI. If you are wondering about the use of this newly update things, needless to worry about. You could do both with an ease even you are a beginner. Just follow and read below guide on how to use new Snapchat like a champ even you are a beginner.

Snapchat actually is a photo sharing app. And you can also share the videos and drawings as well. The photos and the videos are referred as a snap. Its simple like in other apps. You just download the app from the Google Play store or IOS App Store and get going in few simple steps.

What Is The New Feature Snappables ?

As on the Nov 29, 2017 when Snapchats new redesign was first introduced but only from early Feb 2018 made public to all users. Many users were upset and there was even a petition signed up by almost 1.5 million users. But the Snapchat official declared the redesign is the permanent. Though some features were redesigned back to its old version.

Now with the completely redesign Snapchat, Stories from your friends display on the right screen as in old version. But in a tall rectangular tile format. In a previous version it used to display as a list.

On to the left screen, you can still find the tabbed interface of friend list. And individual chats and group chats are separated. Yellow dot separates the new content you have received.

And for your own content just look at the top left corner in profile page and tap on the Bitmoji. Besides from finding your posts, you can also add friends here.

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How Can You Start With New Snapchat?

Very first, you need to download it  from the App Store or Play Store.

You can also have Snapchat download from the Snapchat Website. If you are using the old version its good idea to get the new Snapchat update

Once downloaded click on it and click on sign up. Enter your email address and password to create account.

After creating a account, you also need to create your username. Create username and then you ready to go with Snapchat.

You also need to provide your phone number and verify it.

Now onward, Find and add your friends, create your first snap and send it to your likely friends. You can adjust your different settings on the app.

How To Use New Snapchat As If Like A Pro?

All the process, even for the new snapchat is the same. Download the app, sign up, create username, add your friends and send the snaps as you wish.

There are some new features and steps for couple of things. We will discuss about them in a brief.

How To Use New Snapchat To Send Pictures And Videos?

When you are on Snapchat’s main screen, its really easy to take picture and videos and send them. Simply tap to take a picture and hold the shutter round circle to record the video.

You can also save your own shot that is in your phone gallery.

To send or save your pictures from the gallery, just go to the icon into the  middle You may see the memories icon. And then tap on the camera roll tab. Select the picture or videos and set the picture for the future proposes. Or you can send them instantly

If you’re feeling a little nostalgia for “Draw Something,” you can also tap on the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen to draw directly onto your image with varying colors of a virtual pen.

How Can You Record Without Holding The Shutter?

Mostly this feature is only available to the iPhone users. But you must know the secret trick to do so.

You can do it with the help of assistive touch features of iPhone.

Open the iPhone Settings—then General— then Tap Accessibility.

Tap on the assistive touch and the white dot appears on the screen.

Create new gesture and tap and hold on the center on the screen until the recording bar is full. Give this gesture a name that you can remember. Something like Snap Video or Record Snap Chat Video as you like and save it.

Now on Snapchat, go to the recording screen. Tap on the assistive touch, select custom and tap Snap Video or Snapchat Video whatever you saved before.

Now drag and drop the circular icon on to capture button. And you are done with the Snapchat video recording.

Since this process is intended for the self-mastering, you may require a multiple effort. And when you master it, its worth learning.

And we have not encountered such steps for the Android users. If you have found any, please do let us know down the comment section below.

How To Use New Snapchat And Discover Videos?

To discover the videos on Snapchat simply Swipe the screen to the left. And it will move to the Discover screen. There you can finds images and videos that you want to discover. You can simply tap and send those to your friends if you wish.

How to view Stories from friends and Snapchat messages

If you wanna see the stories from your friends or you wanna see the Snapchat message that you receive, swipe right from the Snapchat screen and you are there. You will get notification about recent received message at the top. And below that you can see your friend list to discover their stories.

Tap to view the message and videos whatever. That will start the countdown timer. Snapchat messages may have the timer as well. Double tap if you want to reply and continue the conversation.

You can skip watching, if you are not interested even in the middle. Simply swipe left to jump to next snap or pull down to exit.

How Can You Send A Text Message In Snapchat?

Send only the text message. Slide down from top screen to the bottom. You will see the search screen. Type your friends name and compose the message and send instantly.

How Can You Save Chat Messages On Snapchat?

Snapchats messages are self-destructive. But if you want to keep the messages for future references, you can easily do that too.  Just hold your finger down on the messages you wish to save. Message will be highlighted in grey and its SAVED!

How Can You Use Snapchat Groups?

Group chat is all the way important for anyone. Without the group chat the messaging app is incomplete. You can use Snapchat also for the group chat.

Tap on the messaging icon and type the name of your friends to have a group chat. Group chat acts same like the normal individual chat. You can send video notes, audio notes, text, stickers etc. And the validate time for the group message is just 24 hours. If message is not read or not seen within that time, it gets deleted.

How Can You Send An Audio And Video Note In Snapchat?

You can send an audio note and video note in Snapchat easily. Simply on the messaging screen Tap and hold on the phone icon and speak your audio note. And then send it. Simply like for the video note, Tap and hold down the video camera icon. Record a video and send it.

You can create short 10 seconds video note using this features.

How Can You Make An Audio And Video Call In Snapchat?

You can also make an audio and the video call using Snapchat. Simply tap the phone icon on the messaging screen to make an audio call. If your friend is using snapchat, he will get the notification and can receive the call.

Similarly, for the video call, Tap the video icon on the messaging screen and it will ring for the video conversation. If your friend is available they can receive and can have the video conversation.

How Can You Send Stickers And Photos in Snapchat?

Its really easier to send the stickers and photos in Snapchat. To send the stickers simply tap on the smiley icon above the keyboard and list of stickers and smileys will show off. Simply tap the desired one and send it.

To send the photos, simply tap the picture icon and select the images. You can also edit those images. Tap edit and add some emoji, doodles etc. You can include multiple picture to send. You can also send Photos and stickers during an audio and video call.

How To Use New Snapchat To Add filters?

You may always want to add some cool filters on you snaps. This features are always handy for interactive funny conversation. You can add some cool filters simply swiping to the left or right. The visual effect is useful to change the quality and style. Such as you can change it to sepia, saturated or add some text overlay.

You can keep swiping until you are ok with the effects. You can also apply two filters. Once you are finalized with the filters, just hold on it and keep swiping with other free hand for the second one.

Snapchat has the on-demand Geo filters as well.

How Can You Add An Animated Filters?

Simply like you add filters. Just tap on the screen where your face shows off and some animated filters will show off. Just choose any one of them and send it to your friends.

With the True depth camera features that Snapchat uses, these filters are as accurate as it seems like the real one on your face.

How Can You Use Context Cards To Learn About Where Your Friends Are?

The new feature of Snapchat allows users to create snaps tied to Context Cards with the list of features.This context card features let you know more about the location details about your friends.

While you are viewing the snaps in your friends’ story, you can tap MORE label at the bottom, and you can swipe up to learn more about their address, phone number or any other information. Context card also allows you to call a Lyft car, read reviews and sometime book the reservation on Open Table.

It’s really really simple to add Context Card to your snap, after taking the snap swipe left and right on it. And add text-based Context cards. Which include your location name, your city and state that it’s taken in.

How To Use New Snapchat Settings?

Tap on the profile picture or profile icon if you have not added any profile picture yet. Then tap to the gear icon at the right corner. You can change various settings here. Including your profile picture, birth date, email, Bitmoji etc.

In an Android device you can also lower the video quality that the app takes, as well as Snapchat’s default camera orientation. This feature is useful when you are on the data saving mode.

How To Use New Snapchat And Add Sky Filters?

Snapchat has added new trippy Sky Filters. But to use this feature you need to opt only for rear-facing lens. Just point your phone to the sky and tap the screen. You will probably pull up different animated lenses and face filters. Such as rainbows, starry nights, sunsets, etc. This feature is yet come up for each and every user so do not panic if it’s not available in your device. It’s probably rolling out in the future in your device.

How To Use New Snapchat Animated World Lenses?

World Lenses in Snapchat is the augmented reality tools which will drop animated characters into your snaps, including users’ personal Bitmoji characters to the life.

While you’re using the rear facing camera and select an icon from the carousel. With the most snapchat elements World lenses can be easily dragged around screen and can be resized. But the Bitmoji option might just be rolling out for you. So, don’t worry if you don’t have this right now.

How To Use New Snapchat Swap Faces Feature?

Face swap features is useful when you want to put other persons face on your head in the snaps. This feature might shock and confuse your friends if you send it to them. Switch on to front facing camera then tap and hold onto the screen part where there is your face. Wire frame will appear on your face slide the lenses to the left until you see the face swap option.

Yellow and purple dot will appear. Tap on yellow icon if you want to swap the face of the person along with you in the snap. But tap the purple icon if you want to swap the face from some other snap. Select the face from popup. Snapchat will soon preview it once you are done tap on the capture to take photo or hold on to record the video. You are done with face swap.

How To Use New Snapchat To Post  Your Public Story?

You can share your snaps photos or videos with all of your friends the followers. Simply tap on the square and plus button on the bottom left corner. While tapping on the arrow on to the right will make the snap visible to your friends and followers for next 24 hours. You can also view the sharing from your friends similarly.

How To Use New Snapchat And Make Infinite Snaps?

Snaps are usually disappearing after the 10 second timer. But newly added infinite option lets your friends to have a look for infinite time. Just tap the timer icon and scroll down to see the no limit option. Tap on it and send it.

Snaps typically disappear after their 10-second timer expires, but a new infinite option lets recipients look at a photo until they tap to advance. Just tap the timer icon and scroll down to the no limit option, and then send it.

How Can You Loop Video Snaps?

To loop the video snaps you just need to tap the repeat icon on the right once you finish capturing the videos.  Now your friends will get a video and they need to tap to pass. This will not simply ends automatically.

How Can You Add Emojis And Stickers To Your Snaps?

Its really simple to add emojis and stickers to your snaps. Just tap on the sticker icon at the top of your photo or video while on the edit screen. This will bring up the emoji sticker list. Select the emojis and you are done. You can add as many stickers as you like.

How Can You Delete Stickers From Your Snaps?

After adding the stickers on your snaps, you may want to remove those stickers. You can deliberately do this. Its simple, Just tap and drag it to the trash icon. Release the hold once sticker reach into the trash. And you are done removing the stickers.

How To Use New Snapchat Snap Map Sharing Your Location?

You can share and use the location map in the Snapchat. Using the location map, you can also see whats happening around the specific reason.

You can go to the camera view and then pinch the screen to reveal to see the World screen. Tap next and select the privacy setting. There are two types of privacy settings 1. Only Me (Ghost Mode), 2. My Friends or Friends. Select as you desire. And then tap to finish. Now you can see a map view of your city. You can pinch and zoom in and out to explore more. With the similar process you can see what people are doing in the other town and city. If you do not want to share your location in Snapchat, you can simply use the Ghost mode.

How To Use New Snapchat To Add Voice Filters?

Voice filter was added as the animated face filter initially. This voice filter can now be added on their own. The voice filter lets you modify the sound on your video in the snapchat.  Its like adding different sounds to your Snapchat videos. Simply record a video and add some creepy sounds on it.  Just record a video snap and tap the speaker icon to add the video filters.

How Can You Add Links To Your Snaps?

The biggest frustrating with the social media is not having the clickable link on it. And Snapchat knew it and recently rolled out with the new feature to add the link.

Tap the paperclip icon right after taking the snap. Type the URL and hit enter and tap attach at the bottom of the screen. You can also add some text note to your snap in order to let friends know that there’s a linked page.

Finally, If you need any more assistance on how to use new snapchat or If you need any assistance regarding internet. Do comment below or drop some line on my Contact Page

This might not be enough and there are other features as well to know about how to use new Snapchat, please comment down below if you know any.

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