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How to Start a Blog ? Easy Process and Complete Definitive Guide.


Blogging is passion for many. People simply love writing. But they do not know how to start a blog to make their writing professional.

Since, the writing seems easy but it is not, you may need some guidance to get going with your own blog. You may also have some questions in your mind that why you should start writing one?

Well let me clarify this as well.

If you are wondering and still in dilemma whether you should kick-start writing your own blog or not? My answer would be yes, go for the blogging. Why ? Read some points below.

  • Its a most popular ways to express yourself.
  • It improves your skills, specially the writing skills.
  • And the most important, you can make living out of it. Yes you are hearing it right.

I am sure, you know these basics already. So you are here to know how to start a blog. Let me not pull all this and go straight to the point.

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How to Start a Blog in Easy Steps ?

here’s the get going in 5 easy steps.

Choose blogging niche:

Once you decide to write something and start a blog, you should decide on what topic you write. Choosing the niche is the tricky one. But this is also an important fact. Even writing about anything make sense. But writing about everything and driving traffic is not easy. So niche blogs are popular. Niche blogs are the one which are targeted to specific topic and the audience. Thus they bring audience in a regular basis.

Lets say, you write about the fashion. So only the fashion lovers will come to your blog. Since you write only about fashion, its easy for people who wants only fashion related write ups in their feeds. They follow you so that they do not miss out any update.

Everybody say choose your passion while selecting a niche. But in my opinion you do not have to choose anything just for your passion. But always remember to select something that you may have interest about. So that the niche is always exciting for you.

But what if you are still not sure to decide your niche ? Take a look at the following topics and think any of one that might interest you.

  • Running, Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Weight loss
  • Body building
  • Makeup tutorial
  • Fashion trends
  • Beauty tips
  • Styling guides
  • Hair styling
  • Flight deals
  • Travelling and tours
  • Relationship and dating
  • Love and sex
  • Parenting and teaching
  • Writing and blogging
  • Internet and technology
  • Accounting and billing

Think of any topics from above. You may choose two or three and decide upon them. Always keep on mind that you need to have consistency posting regularly once you start a blog.

Choose blogging platform:

Once you are done with the blogging niche, you have now topics to write about. The next steps is to decide where to write. Now choose the blogging  platform.

There are different platforms to start a blog. So it is very hard to decide on any blogging platforms to choose from. I am describing some of the popular platforms. That will surely help you to choose any one of them. But if you do not want to read all of them and want to know only the particular platform, simply click on the link and skip all others.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress.com
  3. WordPress.org
  4. Medium
  5. Tumblr
  6. Weebly
  7. Wix

Before describing on the list, let’s have some point. As a beginner yo are always looking for a platform that is simple and easy to set up. And maybe also look for a free one if that is available. Also you may want to set up a blog that will always have a chance to grow. It all depends on you. Choose according to your need. But here I am describing everything that will surely help you to choose one.  Lets dive into the list now.

1. Blogger

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Blogger is a free blogging platform. So it is mostly the awesome for the novice and beginner blogger. It is always hard to spend your hard earned money when you are starting something new. Anyone looking a solutions for how to start a blog for free will find it most useful. Since the Blogger platform is owned by Google you can get plenty of features. Though many users start from a Blogger and switch to other platforms as it grows. But in my opinion it is always great to start with Blogger. I strongly recommends you to start of with it if you are new and novice to the blogging.

Good part of Blogger

It is easy and simple to use and manage.

It has the added features of security since its a Google product.

You can easily monetize your blog with AdSense.

You can add your own domain. So you can have yourdomain.com and still host with Blogger.

You can migrate to other platforms easily later on if you wish.

It has HTML access so you can have more customization in comparison to the other free blogging platforms.

And lets not talk about the cons. Though there is certain limitation. This is because it is free. At no cost you are getting enough of service as a blogging platform from Blogger.

2. WordPress.com

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WordPress.com also offers a free blogging platform. This is offered by an Automattic Inc. which is the parent organization for WordPress. Since this is also a free service you receive only the limited features. But always a good choice if you are thinking about blogging and do not want to invest single penny. I strongly recommend this to those who are thinking of blogging on WordPress.

Though you are not getting powerful WordPress.org (Self hosted WordPress blog), you can get almost identical features. The only thing you are not getting is control over such features. You can always switch to self hosted later on.

3. WordPress.org

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This is the most popular blogging software around the web. Most of the professional and other blogger use it. Since this is the blogging software rather than the blogging platform. While you plan to use it you need to get hosting services and also need bit more skills to set up.

Read or follow my below post to set up and start a WordPress blog.

Ultimate step by step guide to start WordPress blog in 2018.

WordPress is an open source software and you do not need to pay for it. You can easily download it from WordPress.org for free. What you need to pay for is to your hosting and domain name services.

Get very cheap hosting + free domain name from FastComet (I bet, the best WordPress hosting so far)

I just don’t recommend randomly. I always recommend what I use. This blog is running on FastComet. So good, so fine tuned and so worthy until now.

And also blog is running on WordPress.org software. WordPress is a most popular software not only for the blogging purpose but also for the entire web development. More than 30% websites are running on WordPress. And almost all the professional blogs are running on it. So if you are planning to become a blogger go for WordPress.org software.

4. Medium

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Medium is the online community where you can share your write ups and stories. It is very easy and simple yet reliable to use.  The good part of medium is that it already has a built in community. That help to get good amount of readers.

I recommend you Medium if you are a hobby blogger and do write to share your opinion and hobbies. Since it has its own brand and community it may be hard to migrate once you grow.

Choose or pick up the Blog Name

Once you come out choosing from various blogging platforms, its time to pick up the name for your blog. Its completely on your head what you wanna give your blog a name. Anyhow you can get some idea from popular blogs.  Always choose the tricky name and also do not forget to check for the domain name. That is what you need to setup. Easy and simple names are already taken so try to mix up and generate the unique blog name.

You can check the following websites to generate the idea for your blog. These websites will give you the  idea about the domain name.

When you decide your blog name its time to go for a domain if you want one. Otherwise there are other alternatives as well. Go to a particular blogging platform and sign up. You can have blog address along with their domain. Eg. abc.blogspot.com or abc.wix.com somthing similar to these. Since these are the free service you must include the service providers domain.

Design your Blog

Once you finalize with your blog name and completed the setup process, it is now time to give some great looks to your blog.

If you are using free services like blogger, wix or WordPress.com, you have the very little features to customize. Since free services offer only the limited customization, you have to use the paid services to get complete control over your blog. As I already mentioned above, if you are going to spend some gigs to create your blog use WordPress.org self hosted blog software. Almost all the professional blogger use it.

To create and design your WordPress self hosted blog you need to get the web hosting service and maybe some beautiful and feature reach WordPress theme. And maybe some plugins to trick some functionalities. You can get plenty of hosting providers and WordPress theme and plugin providers over the net. But I trust FastComet and MyThemeShop. I personally use both of them. If you follow the following links to get them, you might get some special offers if there is any.

Get FastComet Hosting

Get MyThemeShop Themes and Plugins

Hosting, theme and plugin are very much critical to your blog in terms of your blog functioning perfectly. So choose them wisely.

Create Great Content

After designing and giving some functionalities trick its time now to create the content. Content is the king in your blog. If you do not have the great content but beautiful designed blog, its no avail. So go deep, make some research and create content that has real value. The content should be able to satisfy your audience perfectly to get your blog growing. Else you are just writing as a hobby.

That’s it for now but the post is regularly updated. I am always looking to add some extra value to my readers so that they can get something out of it. Keep coming back to the post to get maximum from it. Also looking to hear from you in the comment section below. By the way I will not mind getting your hello through my contact page here.

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