Sneak Peak at Google’s new messaging App “ALLO”

Summer has almost started. Google has announced that it will be giving something more to its users. Google announced its messaging app #Allo and the video calling apps #Duo. Both these apps are supposed to be available during this summer 2016. Eric Kay, Director Engineering at Google says communication is vital for the innovation. Communication is all about sharing life moments. You find something interesting and want to share it with someone. You, simply pull out your phone and share it with ease. Today’s there are lots of messaging apps to share the life moments. Eric Kay, speaking at the Google I/O event, announced the new Google messaging app ALLO and the video calling app Duo.

Allo App
Eric Kay further explains how combining the Google technology to this essential human activities has made these two apps different than the rest of the apps.

Watch This Video from Google I/O 2016 Keynote

Allo is the new smart messaging app from the Google. Allo runs with the Googles smarts technology to make the conversation more productive and more expressive. Allo is based on your phone number, so you can easily connect with anyone in your phonebook. It has built-in machine learning to keep your conversation flowing and get things done. Allo also supports the Google Assistance to help understand your word. For example, you can ask for your agenda like your hotel booking details, flight details and it will return the detail information. Allo can be used for the one-on-one conversation or in the group chat.

Is Allo worth enough to compete with other messaging apps?

To be honest, we can just wait and watch. But all I can say is, it’s very tough to compete with the established messaging app.
Google is also bringing the video calling app called Duo. One good feature about this video calling app is the knock knock feature. Which shows the video caller Id of the person calling from the other side even before you pick up the call. Like Allo, it also based on your phone number.

Watch the Duo introduction video

Read Googles official blog here about these apps

Wait, both the apps are not yet available. But Google says it will be available this summer. You can go to Google Play Store and register for these two apps, so that when its available you will be notified.



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